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Focused interest TLA housing applications due March 25

Rising juniors are eligible to apply for focused interest TLA housing for next year. Apply at by March 25.

CARE Community Service House

The CARE Community Service House invites students who are interested in becoming service leaders on campus. The house aims to connect Augustana students with one another and the community through service work and leadership. The members of the house will work with one another and Community Service in CORE to develop projects that impact our community through service. 

For more information, contact Keri Bass.

Interfaith Understanding House

The Interfaith Understanding House invites students to live out the fullness of their faith in relationship to others. The house seeks to foster friendship, service, and dialogue for students of diverse religious and non-religious backgrounds.

For more information, contact the Rev. Kristen Glass Perez.

Local Culture Community

The Local Culture Community houses people who care about a relationship with their place, including the people and natural environment around them. Students in this community undertake ongoing, group-planned, eco-friendly projects.

For more information, contact Dr. Brian Leech.

Gender Justice House

The Gender Justice House is a place for students of all gender identities to live together with others who think critically about gender issues.

For more information, contact Dr. Emily Cranford.

Viking Pups

The Viking Pups house is a residence for students who have been identified as handlers and dogs being trained as facility or service animals.  The house occasionally serves as a meeting place for the Club's executive board.

For more information, contact Dr. Jayne Rose.

International House

The International House is intended for all students who have an interest in building friendships across cultures. All students living in the iHouse will enroll in WLLC 300 – Intercultural Communication for  1 (or 0) credits. Domestic and international students are encouraged to apply.

For more information, contact Hua-Mei Chang.

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