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SGA president and vice president application

Applications to run for Student Government Association president and vice president are due by 4:30 p.m. Friday, March 9. Applications should be brought to the Dean of Student’s office located in Founder’s Hall.

After two weeks of campaigning, voting will be held March 26-28.

Candidates may begin their campaigns starting March 10.  However, communications will need to be approved a member of the SGA Election Committee. Email all of the following people if you have questions or need approval:

Allan Daly

Courtney Kampert

Luke Stoefen

Margaret Utgaard

Nadia Ayensah

Christopher Wilson


All campaign promotions (any publicity whose purpose is to gain votes for the candidate) must be approved by the Election Committee prior to use.

Candidates who fail to obtain prior approval for campaign material will be considered for removal from the ballot.

Candidates must respect the wishes of the college, its administration, and custodial staff in the placement of campaign materials on campus and in campus buildings.

The following restrictions apply to all campaign publicity in ANY form:

no bricks

no buildings

no lightposts

no artwork

no trees or plant life

no glass/mirrors

Facebook groups, mass emails and sidewalk chalking will constitute campaign publicity. This publicity must be written out and approved by an Election Committee member before being used.

All eligible candidates are entitled to equal rights regarding the use of the college’s resources such as printing and OSL materials.

President and vice president application

No candidate may run alone. Eligible applications will contain a candidate for both president and vice president.




Campus Address:

Phone #:

Box #:


Vice president



Campus Address:

Phone #:

Box #:


Return this form to the Dean of Students Evelyn Campbell’s office (Founders 104) no later than 4:30 p.m. on Friday, March 9.

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