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Celebration of Learning 2020 "how to"

"Celebration of Learning" is Wednesday May 6, 2020. It will be Augustana's second Symposium Day for 2019-20 and an opportunity to share original scholarship and creative work by our students, faculty and staff.

This annual event gives students the opportunity to share their work and be a part of a campus-wide community of learners. As last year, student presentations and performances will run concurrently with faculty and staff panels on scholarship and teaching. Featured student, faculty, and alumni speakers will be scheduled throughout the day.

Students from all disciplines are invited to submit proposals for presentations, posters, and performances from SI projects, Honors capstones, funded research or creative work, and the like.

Curious what published work looks like? See the 2019 Celebration of Learning page.

Submission deadline to participate in Celebration of Learning is 11:55 p.m., Friday, March 20.

Student Submission Form

Faculty/Staff Submission Form


• If you are part of a class or group that will include individual presentations, each presenter needs to submit their own information and clearly identify in the form the group they need to be scheduled with (e.g., TMC-SRIP; History SI). 

• If you and others are working on a single project together, only one person should register for all of you, including the names of the other authors in the application.

• For those planning to present: Thanks for your contributions to the day! Last year we had more than 200 presentations.

Celebration of Learning FAQ.  

Note: Submitting your Celebration of Learning presentation proposal through Digital Commons does not mean your work is automatically published in Augustana Digital Commons. However, if you attach the full document now, it will be ready to publish once your faculty advisor approves it.

You and your professor will decide — after your presentation — if the full text or creative work is ready for publication.

Not planning on presenting this year? Plan to attend! For sophomores and juniors, it's a great way to get ideas for projects and see what is possible; for first year students, it's a great way to see scholarship in action and to understand potential majors better. The quality of work happening on campus is impressive — this is a great way to see what your peers are doing and, potentially, give you ideas.


Questions about Celebration of Learning, contact Mariano Magalhaes

Questions about Augustana Digital Commons, contact

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