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Freistat Center announces new fellowships

Augustana’s Freistat Center announces a new fellowship program for research and studies conducted during summer 2021 through summer 2022, including J-term.  

This fellowship is open to faculty-student research teams in all majors and departments. It is offered as a one-time response to restrictions imposed by the pandemic. 

Up to 15 fellowships will be awarded. The application deadline is April 2, 2021. Fellowships will be announced the week of April 19.

Freistat Center Fellowships are for one to two students and one faculty member to engage in a mutually defined project related to:

1. Intensive language study

2. Research with international components of study, or 

3. Research dedicated to issues related to peace, justice and fairness that are international in scope


Stipend for student(s): $2,000 (Augie Choice may supplement)

Stipend for faculty: $2,500

Logistical support: $500 (for books, supplies, etc.)

Total support: $5,000 for teams of two: $7,000 for teams of three


Fellowship application

Applications will require the team member resumes or CVs, current student transcript, faculty letter of support for the proposed project and research proposal.

Recipients will be expected to participate in the Freistat Center Symposium to be held in 2022.

For more information, contact Dr. Heidi Storl, William F. Freistat Endowed Chair, 309-794-7572.

About the center

The William A. Freistat Center at Augustana College provides support to encourage the development of peace studies, especially studies of the broader issues of diplomacy, such as justice and fairness.

Its mission is to study historical and present conditions that contribute to violence, the cessation of violence, and the absence of violence. These conditions may occur in widely diverse situations, ranging from disparity and poverty caused by scarce resources, to military conflict, to peaceful coexistence.

The center encourages and supports peer-reviewed scholarship, intensive language study, faculty exchange programs, and several faculty-student or student-led research initiatives.  

The center promotes peace studies by encouraging faculty and students to investigate and produce significant scholarship that promotes a more just and stable world.


Dr. Heidi Storl, 309-794-7572

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