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Information on guitar lessons

Guitar lessons will be conducted remotely if we are not able to return to campus at the beginning of the fall 2020 semester.

Arches registration is open until the end of this week as well, as the beginning of the fall semester.

Lessons are offered in the fall and spring semesters of the school year and are open to all students regardless of major. Students at all skill levels are accepted, beginning through advanced.

Lessons are individual, not in a group. You will need to have your own instrument and there are a limited number of guitars available from a local music shop. I can assist with the rental process if needed.

You will learn to develop good technique habits and how to read music if you don't know already. Scales and chords are also studied along with other technique exercises.

Students enrolled for 1 credit will have a 30-minute lesson one day per week and for 2 credits you will have a 60-minute lesson one day per week. Lesson times are arranged according to the student's schedule on the days I am teaching.

Registration is for MULS 100-400-GTR and is done through Arches or by using a paper add slip if the Arches deadline has passed. Lessons do not cause an overload of credits. Lessons are held in my office at the music annex, 3816 6th Ave.


Randy Pobanz, 309-721-6726

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