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Wollstonecraft entries due March 19

The Women’s and Gender Studies program bestows the Mary Wollstonecraft Award annually to recognize excellence in women's and gender scholarship at the undergraduate level. Winners will receive recognition at the Augustana Honors Convocation in May and the WGS Honors Tea, as well as a monetary award.

Application deadline is March 19.

The award is named in honor of Mary Wollstonecraft (1759-1797), the English philosopher who wrote the classic text "A Vindication of the Rights of Women" (1792).

Awards will be presented in three categories: short analytical essay (less than 10 pages); long analytical essay; and personal/reflective prose (perhaps a series of journals you've written for a class, or a paper that draws heavily on your own experience, or makes its point creatively)

Entries will be accepted for papers written in spring 2018, fall 2018, and winter 2018/2019.

Entries should display excellent liberal arts scholarship and creativity. Entries should have a thesis or underlying insight that is skillfully supported and rhetorically effective.

Since feminist scholars have influenced all academic fields, any course offered in the college could, potentially, be the basis for written work addressing historical, theoretical, social, psychological, artistic, and economic questions relevant to the Wollstonecraft award.

Entries will be judged by off-campus faculty.

Guidelines for submitting a paper:

1. Remove any references to your name from the body of the paper itself.

2. Provide a title page, with your name, the paper title, course, instructor’s name, and the term in which it was written.

Also on the title page, clearly identify for which of the three categories the paper is being submitted: Short Analytical, Long Analytical or Personal/Reflective Prose.

3. Submit one copy by email and one hard copy to Jennifer Milner, Swenson 102.


Cassy Casas, 309-794-7210

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