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A Day 2020

HR Update - Special A-Day Edition, October 22nd

Thirty and thirty-five year service milestones

Please click the link below to enjoy our recognition video for our thirty year and thiry-five year service milestone honorees.…

Thirty Year Service Miliestones

  • Julie Bacon, Senior Assistant Director of Financial Aid
  • John Furlong, Athletic Recruitment Coordinator
  • Sherrie Herbst, Interlibrary Loan Specialst
  • Taddy Kalas, Professor of French
  • Mamata Marme, Professional Faculty, Advising Coordinator & Assistant Professor of Business Administration
  • Sharon Stoneburner, Administrative Assistant, Psychology Department

Thirty-Five Year Service Milestones

  • Ken Brill, Associate Dean and AVP of Student Life, Leadership & Engagement
  • Kurt Christoffel,  Professor of Chemistry

A day items - while they last

If you weren't able to make it to the A-Day Coffee break and/or would welcome some additional A-Day celebrating, please head over the the Office of Human Resources.  We have extra masks, mini-sanitizers, and cookies and cupcakes for you and your team.  Available while supplies last!

A Day Cookies And Cupcakes
Thanks to the Augie Dining Services team for our A-Day Treats!

Honoring our Jaeke Award winners

In case you missed it the first time, please enjoy this special virtual "surprise" meeting with our Jaeke award winners earlier this spring.

Sam Schlouch

Sam Schlouch, Assistant Vice President Institutional Advancement—Chicagoland Region & Director of Planned Giving is this year's recipient of the Jaeke Award in the Administrative Employee Category.  In his nomination, one of his colleagues noted, "Sam has assisted in nearly every area of the college.  His skills reach far beyond Advancement.  Sam is always ahead of the curve and is a natural born leader. Overall, Sam is a gem for Augustana.  He is living proof of the kind of Alumni we are proud to have.  Engaged, enlightened, enthusiastic and intelligent."

Linz Zhou

Pictured here with the Augustana CFA Research Challenge team, Dr. Lina Zhou, Associate Professor of Business Administration is the Faculty Jaeke award recipient for this year. 

Her nomination, in part said this, "Dr Zhou has significantly strengthened our Business Administration program with her sincere care for students, and continuous efforts in providing students with the skills, knowledge, and competencies needed to be successful in the job market. She established the Student Investment Fund, a student-run organization that increases students’ investing expertise through a hands-on approach. With Lina's leadership, generous support from donors, and the students' hard work, the SIF has become one of the most valuable learning experiences for our Augustana students."

Jill Nielsen

Jill Nielsen, Brew by the Slough Coordinator is the recipient in the Dining Services category for 2020.  

Jill's nominator said this, "In the Brew, Jill is the smiling and friendly host for everyone. She deals with students, faculty, staff and visiting parents. As the only non-student in the brew, she makes sure her students get a lot of real world training. They need to work as a team to make the brew a success, and they do! Jill is a mama bear with a heart of gold! When we have visitors she answers any questions and concerns about their child on campus. The Brew is a large operation, and she makes it work smoothly."

Becky Schumacher

Becky Schumacher, Groundskeeper is the 2020 recipent in the Facilities category.  Becky's nominator wrote:  "I notice Becky around campus tending to the trees and plants the create such a welcoming and vibrant atmosphere. Becky has gone above and beyond to connect with the Augie Acres student organization. Becky stands out for her engaging smile and "hello!"s."

Karen Sheraden

Karen Sheraden receives the Jaeke award for the Office Personnel category.  (From several nominators) Karen attended a professional workshop several years ago, and has developed into a remarkable colleague with the skills she developed from that experience. Karen doesn't just know A LITTLE BIT ABOUT A LOT OF THINGS....she knows A LOT OF THINGS ABOUT A LOT OF THINGS! Karen is our go-to person when we need information about our students, our clinic, our courses, our schedules, our facilities.  
She is a multi-tasker supreme; she successfully manages both academic and clinic responsibilities while being endlessly interrupted, and is still the smiling face in the office when clients arrive at the Roseman Center. I think what most impresses me is Karen's unwavering commitment to our students. 

Coffee Break Pictures

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