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Speeches and statements


April 24: Reflections on Nearly Two Decades as President at Augustana


May 23: Comments to the Class of 2021: Nearly 250 days of awesome!

May 23: Comments to the Class of 2020 (2.0): Pushing through interruption

April: Statement on racial justice


June: Courageously stand up against injustice

July: Message to international students regarding online-only regulations


February: The inauguration of a president

April: Learning from Twitter to build a toolbox for life

May Honors Convocation: When we make a mistake

July: Demystifying Rankings and Ratings

December: The Spirit of Christmas: Do Not be Afraid


December: Hoover High School was almost all-white when I attended. Today, it's better

May: Honors Convocation "Afraid to be wrong"

January: Statement Concerning Sexual Assault


May: Statement on Freedom of Expression

August: Calling Out Hate

September: Support of DACA


March: Statement on Diversity and Inclusion

May: Honors Convocation: Impatience and Patience

August: Opening first-year convocation: Launching the Next Four Years Together

November: Tuesday Reflection: Election Reflections


February: Sermon: Who is the greatest? Asking the difficult questions

May: Honors Convocation: Leading Engaged Lives

May: Commencement: Augustana Awesome!

November: Tuesday Reflection: Equity or Equality?


Tuesday Reflection: My New Year's resolution: I'll receive no more nasty emails!

Conference presentation: The Changing Role of Chaplaincies

Opening Convocation: Launching the Next Four Years Together

Tuesday Reflection: My secret to reduce stress


Honors Convocation: Use Power to Empower!

Commencement: Justice, Mercy and Humility

Opening Convocation: Employ your liberal arts education well

Dedication Speech: Center for Student Life


Tuesday Reflection: Sept. 11: Using Uncertainty to Reflect on Our Calling

Opening Convocation: Employing Critical Thinking in the Power of Persuasion

Commencement: Your education will sustain you

Honors Convocation: Ensuring perception is not reality


First-Year convocation: Wanted: Leaders Who Think Too Much

Education Executive: Augustana College: A Leading Education

Inside Higher Ed: Teach Financial Literacy

Commencement: A Lifetime Pass from Augustana

Honors Convocation: Avoiding the Lazy Approach to Critical Thinking


Chronicle: Shared faculty governance: an essential institution

First-year convocation: Critical thinking: The Solution to Drinking from a Fire Hose

Opening convocation: Our 150th year

Honors convocation: The habit of understanding

Commencement: 150 years of servant-leaders

Northern Illinois Synod Assembly: Give, and it will be given to you

Sesquicentennial: Augustana as a Messenger of Christian Humility

Augustana Heritage Association: Proactively expressing the college's roots with today's students


Convocation for first-year students: 'Dreams from my Father'

Chapel reflection: Listening for whispers

Honors Convocation: Asking the inconvenient question

Commencement: Nothing is constant but change

Quad City Chamber speech: When the economy is in quicksand, keep on moving

Campus speech: Impact of nation's financial crisis on Augustana College

Reflection: Letter to Angie

Report: The president's annual report to the college and alumni


Honors Convocation: Critical thinking about critical thinking

Homily: Three Attributes of a Strong Community

Oath ceremony speech: Creative lawyering in a changing world

Statement: Impact of nation's financial crisis

Chamber keynote: Maintaining our nerve while Wall Street loses its

Campus speech: Tradition, change and truthiness

North Scott assembly: The vocational calling of heroes

Speech: Liberal arts and professional education: a call for philosopher-servants

Report: The president's annual report to the college and alumni


Honors Convocation: Turning the crystal: four years later

Commencement: Recalculating

Sermon: Transfiguration and transformation

Sermon: Lessons from Jonah


Honors Convocation: Philosopher servants

Commencement: Asking the tough questions

Ethics conference: Exploring the many facets of the health care crisis


Founder's Day: 100 years of Augustana in China

Convocation for first-year students: In praise of reflection

Honors Convocation: Trees of life and knowledge

Commencement: The last inning

Augustana Magazine: The courage of learning


Founder's Day: What would our Swedish Lutheran founders think?

Convocation for first-year students: In praise of imagination

Commencement: Through the eyes of others

Homily: Who is your Lazarus?

Williamsfield commencement: The road not taken

Lecture series: Encouraging ethical conduct for multinational businesses

Augustana Magazine: An eyeful

Augustana Magazine: Food for the soul

President's report: Pulling together


Statement: On the election of the president

Inaugural address: Liberal arts education and courageous servant leadership

Convocation for first-year students: Turning the crystal

Homily: Justice and mercy

Engineers' address: The role of liberal arts in science education

Speech: Vocational reflection

Speech: The law school admissions case of Grutter v. Bollinger

Reflection: Learning from Tim's health problems

Reflection: Our first Augustana Christmas