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Interdisciplinary Honors Minor


2022-23 Academic Catalog Page

The Interdisciplinary Honors Minor is an opportunity for students to engage in intense, interdisciplinary, connected learning. Future graduate schools and employers will regard this minor as evidence of special academic curiosity and dedication.

Eligible students must apply and interview for this opportunity. Those who apply, are accepted into and complete the First Year Honors sequence (FYH) are eligible, as are students who attain a B+ or higher after a semester in the First Year Inquiry (FYI) sequences and who respond to an invitation to apply and are accepted. (Equivalent transfer courses will also be considered.)

The minor consists of four 4-credit courses plus a capstone. Each of the four courses also fulfills certain learning perspectives required to graduate. The final capstone may be tied to a student’s Senior Inquiry project in the major if the capstone project is interdisciplinary and approved by the student’s major department.

The program director Dr. Megan Havard-Rockwell,

See courses and details.

The Interdisciplinary Honors Minor is part of the Austin E. Knowlton Honors Program.