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Interdisciplinary Honors Minor

Finalized 3-1-2020

Augustana’s interdisciplinary honors minor is a competitive academic minor program. All first-year and transfer students are eligible to apply if they have attained a B+ or higher after a semester in the first-year honors (FYH) or first-year inquiry (FYI) sequences, or in the equivalent transfer course.

The minor consists of four 4-credit courses plus a capstone. Each of the four courses also fulfills certain learning perspectives required to graduate. The final capstone may be tied to a student’s Senior Inquiry project in the major if the capstone project is interdisciplinary and approved by the student’s major department.

The program advisor is Dr. Eric Stewart, associate professor of religion, 309-794-7286.

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The Interdisciplinary Honors Minor is part of the Austin E. Knowlton Honors Program,  a sequence of interdisciplinary first-year honors courses.