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FAQ for Augie Choice updates for the class of 2021

Can I use Augie Choice for grad school applications or exams, like the CPA exam?

No, these are not considered high impact experiences in the category of internship, study away or research/creative scholarship.

Can I use it for professional clothing?

Yes, you can use up to $250 from Augie Choice for professional clothing when it's purchased for a qualified, high-impact experience in the category of internship, study away or research/creative scholarship. 

Can I use Augie Choice for my SI?

Maybe. To use your Augie Choice funds for your SI, the project must be above and beyond the average Senior Inquiry project and include expenses. Expenses could be conference fees, lab equipment, research incentives etc. For guidance on whether your project might qualify, consult with your academic advisor or with Augustana's Coordinator of Student Resarch and Creative Scholarship, Mariano Magalhães.

Can I use Augie Choice for senior housing?

No, housing does not qualify as a high-impact learning experience, unless it is part of a study away or summer experience. 

Can it be used for review books, online review classes and professional exams?

No, these are not considered high impact experiences in the category of internship, study abroad, research

I’m a senior and my experience was canceled due to COVID. Why can’t Augie just give us the money?

Augie Choice funding may only be used for expenses related to a high-impact learning experience. Funds may only be provided for qualified experiences, and may not be paid to students who do not participate in an experience. 

Do I have to register my internship/project to get Augie Choice?

Yes, one requirement for receiving Augie Choice is that you must register your experience for credit

Internships range from 0-12 credits and span varying time frames. Students must log 40 work hours for a 0, .25, and 1 credit internship. Internships for more than 1 credit require an additional 35- 40 hours of student work for each unit of credit awarded. Students must also complete several assignments including an internship reflection. Internships must be approved by the academic advisor and the faculty member supervising the internship. Students must register for internships through the Assistant Director of Internships in CORE/Career Development.

International students must register internships for credit per federal regulations. The .25 credit option fulfills this federal regulation which allows students to complete an experiential internship without incurring additional tuition fees. Domestic students may choose to register 0 or .25 credit internships in order to receive grant funding and have their experience reflected on their academic transcript. This provides the flexibility of allowing students to have the experience on their transcript and receive supervision and support from the college.

If an internship is taken during the academic year, credits included with tuition can include internship credits (up to 12 may be applied toward the degree). Students should carefully consult the overload fee policy before registering for an internship so they understand how their internship credits may be applied toward their regular tuition and fees for the year. Students who take a .25 internship and these credits take them over the maximum credits allowed with full time tuition will not have to pay an overload for the .25 credits.

My study abroad trip (internship, research) was cancelled due to COVID. Can I use Augie Choice for a past experience?

Yes, there are two instances in which students from the class of 2021 may apply their Augie Choice to a past experience:

  • If you were granted Augie Choice funds for a qualifying experience that was subsequently canceled due to COVID-19 and have been asked to return the funds, you may appeal to have the fund applied retroactively to an earlier qualifying experience.
  • If there is evidence that a student planned to apply for Augie Choice funds for a qualifying experience that would take place during the COVID-19 pandemic, but the student never applied because it was clear the experience had been or would be cancelled due to the pandemic, the student may appeal to have Augie Choice retroactively applied to an earlier qualifying experience. 

If there is no evidence that a student planned to apply for Augie Choice during the time of COVID-19, the student will not receive Augie Choice funds for earlier qualifying experiences. 

Can I use Augie Choice once I graduate?

In most years, graduating seniors may apply for Augie Choice funding as long as the Augie Choice experience is concluded by June 30 of the student’s graduation year.

For the Class of 2021, graduating seniors will be able to pursue an experience that concludes on Aug. 13, 2021 (for credit-bearing experiences) or Aug. 31, 2021 (for non-credit-bearing experiences).

Students must use the special student application to apply for SUMMER (20204SU) as a non-degree student by Friday, May 21, in order to qualify.
Still have questions? Contact Beth Ford, Augie Choice Coordinator.