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Augustana in Australia FAQs

Q: Why should I participate in this program?

A: The Augustana in Australia program offers juniors and seniors of all majors the opportunity for professional and personal development. This program involves completing a full-time internship while living in an international city.

During January-March each year, students intern in the lively and diverse city of Sydney. Students explore career paths and assimilate into a new culture through professional internships, an internship seminar, and engaging with the local community. Students gain independence while interning in a safe and supportive learning environment. They discern the next step on their professional path as they complete this program.

Q: How long have Augustana students been interning in Sydney?

A: Since 2007. More than 400 students of all majors have taken advantage of professional and research opportunities that this program offers. Students intern for 32-38 hours per week in individualized placements.

Q: How should I apply?

A: All students will be notified of deadlines through email. Students apply for this program during winter term, one year prior to participation. They apply through the Augustana International and Off-Campus online application by the deadline in early January at

Students pay a one-time partially refundable deposit of $300 by the deadline in early January. Once approved by the International Office, students will complete the internship application process. Candidates need to stay current in meeting application deadlines to remain in the program. You also need to provide two letters of recommendation (one academic and one professional).

Q: Who is Augustana’s partner organization in Sydney?

A: Augustana partners with CAPA International, a non-profit educational organization which specializes in internships in global cities for students from the U.S. CAPA has a long history of working with undergraduates to place them in individualized internships, and Augustana partners with them for internships in Sydney and London.

Based upon a detailed internship application, CAPA will place each student in an internship which meets the student’s learning objectives. CAPA provides program oversight, in-country orientation and support, housing, transportation passes, insurance and student services. CAPA’s mission focuses on personalized learning, cultural engagement and academic rigor. From the U.S., CAPA may be contacted at 1-800-793-0334 (non-emergency number).

Q: What academic credit do I earn for this internship program? 
A: Students will earn up to twelve (10) 300-level credits total for this program. This is broken down into nine (6) credits are earned for the 300-level internship, a 1-credit seminar plus another 3-credit 300-level learning community (paired) class.  The partner classes are RELG327 Business Ethics (earn PH + G) or COMM330 Intercultural Communication (earn PH +G).

You must be approved by your academic advisor, and possibly your major department to participate in this program. Students will earn academic credit for the internship and there are academic assignments to complete throughout the term. Some academic departments also grant departmental internship credit.

Q: Does my major department need to approve my internship application?
A: Yes, interns must receive the approval of their major academic advisors (and possibly the major departments) in order to participate in this internship program per Augustana academic policy. If the major department withdraws support of the application, the applicant will be removed from the program roster.

Q: How is this program different from Augustana’s other study abroad programs?
A: On the Augustana in Australia program, students complete a professional internship, based upon their learning objectives. Each intern will earn academic credit for the internship and there are academic assignments to complete throughout the term.  On this program interns do not travel with Augustana faculty/staff; they travel independently.

This program requires more professionalism on the part of each student; the intern is expected to provide value to the sponsor on a daily basis. The intern will be treated as a young professional by the internship sponsor. The intern must interview with the sponsor and independently take public transportation daily to the internship site. Interns must complete internship assignments with the oversight of a professional sponsor. Augustana faculty/staff will visit Sydney for a short time during the program to follow-up with students on their internship site and to assess the overall program. Currently the Augustana interns are supervised by their internship supervisor and CAPA International Education staff members.

Q: Are any group excursions included in the program fee?  
A: There are a number of program excursions that vary from year to year. Some excursions in the past have included a bus tour of Sydney, a full-day excursion to UNESCO World Heritage Site Greater Blue Mountains, and a Sydney Harbour boat cruise.  A schedule of program excursions will be available from CAPA closer to the start of the program.

Q: Do I need a passport and travel visa in order to participate in this program?
Yes, in order to participate in this program, each student must have a valid passport and travel visa good for six months after the return date. Each student pays the fees for a passport and travel visa and is responsible for the documents.  International students may be accepted into this program by Augustana, must own a current passport, and obtain their travel visa in order to travel to Sydney. Students will receive some direction in obtaining their travel visa.

Q: Is there associated coursework to be completed while interning overseas?
A: Yes, this is an academic internship program, and academic assignments will be completed. A 5-week seminar is held prior to departure to Sydney. All assignments must be completed and are part of the internship grade.

Q: How does this program help me prepare professionally for the internship?
A: For your internship application, you will have assistance from the Career Development office to develop your résumé and cover letter. You also will learn about obtaining professional letters of recommendation. During the five week internship pre-departure internship seminar, you will receive internship and professional development, including practice interviewing, assessing your strengths and weaknesses, and writing internship learning objectives. You will learn how to be successful on the internship. In Australia, you will deepen your understanding of a successful internship with cultural engagement during the in-country internship orientation.

Q: Where will I live?
A: You will live in shared flats in safe locations throughout Sydney which are located no more than a 60-minute commute from your internship site.  You will be provided with air conditioning, single bed / bunk beds; a place to store clothes (shelves or a closet); access to a kitchen equipped with basic cookware and utensils (this may be within the individual unit or within the building, and shared with other students); a bathroom with shower (this may be within the individual unit or within the building, and shared with other students).  The building exteriors and interiors will vary, depending on location.

Q: Who will I live with?
A: You will live in shared flats with up to seven other Augustana students of the same sex, depending upon the size of the flat. Generally there will be two students per bedroom and a common kitchen/living room area. Augustana students select their own roommates based up program participants. In past programs, 4-8 Augustana students have shared individual flats, with two per individual bedroom.

Q: Is the electricity the same as in North America?
A: No, the voltage in Australia is 240 vs. the voltage in the USA, 120. You should bring plug adapters and voltage converters to Sydney, or you may purchase them in Sydney.

Q: When will I find out about where I will be living?
A: You will receive specific, detailed information about your residence no later than 14 days prior to the program’s start. You will have comprehensive directions of how to get to the within two weeks of the program’s start.

Q: What is the work-week like in Sydney?
A: The program is subject to change, but generally students intern for 8 hours per day, Monday through Thursday. Interning on Friday is optional, but highly encouraged. Interns will take public transportation (bus, train, ferry) to get to the internship site. Most students work a traditional 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. day; however, some internships require night or weekend hours. Internships in some industries such as sports management and event planning generally do not follow a typical daily schedule.

Q: What are the dates of the program?
A: The program dates change each year based upon the academic calendar and needs of employers. For 2018-19, program dates are from Jan. 9  through March 2, 2019. Students must be on-site in the housing no later than the morning of Jan. 9, 2019.

Q: Are the internships paid? 
A: No. However, students often use Augie Choice to cover expenses in Sydney. You also may apply for a CAPA The Global Education Network for scholarships and grants.

Q: How does the internship placement process work?
A: You will complete a comprehensive internship application describing the type of internship desired, including learning objectives. You will provide a résumé, cover letter, unofficial transcript, background check and two letters of recommendation. The in-country sponsor will conduct a cursory interview with the intern via Skype prior to the internship or when the intern arrives in country.

Q: How much does this program cost? 
A: The Australia program fee depends upon the student choice to opt in or out of the elective New Zealand tour. Airfare is included in the New Zealand tour but not in the standard Australia program fee. For 2018-2019 the program fee is set at $17,525.  This fee does not include airfare, meals or the optional New Zealand tour. 

This includes shared housing in the Sydney area, local transportation in Sydney (bus and train), health and travel insurance, winter term Augustana tuition, internship placement and oversight, supervision by CAPA International Education staff, and 24/7 access to student services and assistance. The program fee of $17,525, airfare estimate of $2,400, meal and side travel budget of $1,700 and on-campus housing costs (for juniors) of $1,700 would produce a total program fee of $23,375.  This is roughly $5,875 more than the same term spent at Augustana ($17,500). 

Students opting to add the elective New Zealand tour should expect a total cost of about $2,000 more than this calculation. Pre-Internship Travel through Global Academic Ventures has planned a pre-internship travel trip for interested students in 2018-19. The group flight leaves around Dec. 30, 2018, with five days in Auckland and seven days in Queenstown, New Zealand. Students then fly to Sydney for a short orientation and to start their internships.

Your financial aid will be applied to the total of $17,525 and other scholarships and awards such as Augie Choice may be utilized. The student must cover the cost of meals and additional personal expenses/additional travel during the program. Those participants providing their own round-trip airfare will be refunded the cost of the budgeted group airfare.

Q: Does my financial aid work for this program?
A: Yes, as this program is sponsored by Augustana College, financial aid which you would receive on campus is available.  Program fees (to pay for airfare, housing, etc.) must be covered by each participant. Please contact the Office of Financial Assistance for your own financial plan. This program is approved for the use of Augie Choice. A separate application and approval is required for Augie Choice.

Q: How will I get to my internship and to my internship class each day?  How will I travel around the city?
A: Like many Australians, you will walk, ride the train, or take a local bus. You will receive more specific information about the closest public transportation route to your internship placement and seminar at the in-country orientation. You will be provided with an OPAL card, a public transportation card for the trains, buses and ferries at orientation. An OPAL pass will get you almost everywhere you need to go, and will be provided by CAPA upon arrival.

Q: How many weeks will I be in country? 
A: Each program year is different based upon costs and the academic calendar. In 2018-19, participants will be in-country for the internship program for approximately 7 1/2 weeks.

Q: What is the application deadline? 
A: The Office of International and Off-Campus Programs determines initial deadlines for program application. Be sure to adhere to those deadlines. The Augustana in Australia program sets deadlines for internship placement application which must be followed. Notifications of deadlines will be provided through email.

Q: Will my coursework fulfill Augustana requirements?
A: The coursework for this program fulfills the following requirements:

  1. 300 level credits (up to 10)
  2. Learning Community requirement
  3. PH + G learning perspective/suffix

Q: How do I get to Sydney?
A: You will travel to the country by purchasing airfare on your own, preferably with a smaller group of your choosing or Global Academic Ventures offers an optional winter term travel opportunities to help you save on airfare and see New Zealand  in a smaller group. This travel will occur immediately before your internship orientation begins. You will arrive at the flats the morning of Jan. 9, 2019.   

Q: May I receive my Augie Choice award for this program?
A: Yes, this program is approved for Augie Choice, which provides the opportunity for experiences that will make each intern stand out when starting careers or going to graduate school.  For this program, students of junior or senior standing receive $2,000 to support a qualifying hands-on internship. Each student must complete the full application in order to be considered for the award. Augie Choice checks will be distributed to students prior to the beginning of the internship.

Q: How do I find the off-campus program that works best for me?
A: Augustana College offers a diverse offering of programs. Students can participate for the entire trimester, during summer term, and on a short-term basis (over breaks).  Opportunities are provided internationally and within the U.S. Programs include internships in Australia, London, Denver, New York City and Washington DC. Study away opportunities are available in Holden Village (USA), France, Brazil, Cambodia, Ireland, Spain, Nicaragua, Germany, Ghana, Greece and other countries.  Additional programs are offered within the USA in Holden Village, Denver, Washington D.C., and other locations.