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Norway: Health, Education, and Culture

Photo provided by Dave Crowe (ENGL)


Fjords, reindeer, the Aurora Borealis, quaint Bergen and bustling Oslo.  Norway has so much to explore, and so much to understand about culture, social welfare, education and healthcare.  This program will focus on modern Norway and the social structures put in place to care for its people. Travel to Oslo, Bergen, Tromso and the fjords with Dr. Crowe and Prof. Hanson on this whirlwind J-Term in Scandinavia.

The program begins with classes on campus before the group travels together to Norway for their on-site experiential learning program.  The course will develop students’ writing skills as it introduces them to both Nordic culture and the social welfare, education, and health systems of this often-cited example of social democracy.

The tour will include visits to healthcare, education, and social institutions as well as more touristic elements like a boat trip on a fjord, a train ride across Norway from Oslo to Bergen, a dogsled trek, and a Northern Lights chase up in the Arctic Circle (no guarantees, the Aurora can be fickle).  It is an opportunity to learn about a different way of living and a different way of caring for each other, while also enjoying the warmth and hospitality of the Norwegian people.



Eligibility and program cap: Requires sophomore status and a 2.00 GPA. This program has a cap of 22 students.

Course(s) and credits: All students will enroll in ENCW 304G: Norwegian Social Life (G) a four credit January course.

Faculty contacts: For more information, please contact D. Crowe (English) or K. Hanson (English/education).

Dates: January 2020 with required pre-departure orientation meetings during Fall Semester 2019.

Budget and fees

Program fee: $5,330. Augie Choice eligible for juniors and seniors.

Includes: Airfare, ground transportation, lodging, excursions, meals and international travel health insurance.  

Does not include: Discretionary or free-day spending.

Out of pocket estimate: $250-$500.