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Semester away programs at Augustana

(See this information in a printable PDF or Flipbook.)

Augustana provides three types of semester away programs:

  • University enrollment programs
  • Sponsored international programs
  • Internship-based programs

The college offers more than 50 program options, available every year, and open to students from all majors. Each of these programs is operated in agreement between Augustana and an external partner university or educational organization.

Eligibility and applications

Students must have at least sophomore status and 2.50 GPA. Some programs will require a higher GPA and a small number require prior study of the host country's language.

Students apply first with Augustana, and Augustana applications are completed online. The same site will be used for all required predeparture documents and orientation materials.

After Augustana accepts a student candidate, the student will work with a partner organization on its admission process as well as any required visa documents.

Students are encouraged to apply for semester away programs during the academic year that precedes when they plan on being abroad. The application period for semester programs opens in mid-November and closes on the fourth Friday in February. Programs which do not reach their capacity during this period will be open for more applications in an extended application period. 

Application Period

Fall semester programs
Application period: November 18-February 28
Extended application period: February 29-April 1, 2020
Refund guarantee deadline: May 1, 2020

Spring semester programs
Application period: November 18-February 28
Extended application period: February 29-September 25, 2020
Refund guarantee deadline: August 1, 2020


University enrollment programs (exchange or direct enroll)

Students attend a university overseas through an agreement between that university and Augustana. Those accepted by Augustana will apply directly to the partner university, will be able to choose from the full catalog of university courses offered at the host school and will study with a mix of national, international and American students. These programs may include housing if the partner university has on-campus accommodations for international students, however many universities do not have their own housing and will assist students through a housing office to find off-campus accommodations in student apartments.

Sponsored international programs

Students may study at a university or at a local study center sponsored by the organizing institution. These are typically programs made up of predominantly U.S.-based students, with a more limited course selection, though some will make use of local universities and have greater options. These programs typically have a greater level of student support services, and may feature an American-style curriculum and classroom setting, different from the typical university system in the host country. These programs also typically include housing options and group excursions, something not commonly found in university enrollment programs.

Internship-based programs

The majority of student credits will be earned as internship credits. In some programs these may be the only form of credits earned, with students engaged in a full-time internship of 30-35 hours per week. In other programs, part-time internships of 20-30 hours per week are paired with three to eight credits of seminar preparation and/or academic coursework. These programs typically provide housing and may include some excursions, but may not include as many group-based events, gatherings or excursions as a study program would.

Registration and courses

Students on a semester away program typically take four or five courses equaling 12-16 credits. Once accepted into a semester away program both by Augustana and by the program partner, students will work with the IOP Office, their academic advisors and Augustana academic departments to pre-approve coursework from the semester away program.

Prior to departure, students work with the IOP office to find coursework appropriate to take toward their degree. Students register for Augustana coursework as a part of the program. When Augustana receives the transcripts from the partner university or organization, the appropriate courses will have the final grades posted to the students record, based upon the pre-approved transfer equivalencies.

Students receiving internship credit on a semester away program will register for the appropriate number of credits of CORE-INTR, as designated by the CORE Career Development Office. Students, in consultation with their academic major department, also may opt to designate up to four credits of INTR within their departmental major, rather than the generic CORE-INTR designation.

To do so, students usually must complete additional assignments at the behest of their major department advisor. INTR credits are capped at 12 . Many internship away programs may also offer academic courses as part of the program and these can be added to the credit load for the term to increase the term’s credit profile from 12 to 15 or 16 credits.

Grades and credits

Students remain enrolled at Augustana. It is required that students have the external partner send a transcript or grade report sent directly to the Augustana Office of the Registrar to post grades to the transcript. Transcripts sent to the student and hand-delivered will not be accepted. Upon receipt of the official transcript or grade report, grades will be entered for all pre-approved coursework.


All semester away students are required to complete an orientation program in the term or semester prior to departure. This will include several required online components found on the Studio Abroad portal, which contains the program information and the required program documents for Augustana. It also will include one to three large-group meetings in which all semester participants will work with the IOP director on topics ranging from safety and predeparture planning to intercultural awareness and strategies for being a good ambassador. These sessions are mandatory and any student who fails to attend the required orientation sessions or complete required predeparture documents risks losing the right to use financial aid through Augustana to participate in the program.

Financial aid

All federal, state and Augustana aid is applied to an approved semester away as if it were an on-campus semester.

Work-study is not available on semesters away.

Full tuition waiver for family of Augustana employees or tuition exchange students does not apply to semesters away. Students on these programs will receive aid as designated appropriate by their FAFSA filing.

All semester programs are Augie Choice eligible for students in their junior or senior year. Transfer students may access Augie Choice after one year of study at Augustana.

A wide range of institutional, partner, and national or international grants and scholarships are also potential sources of financial support.

Refund and withdrawal

Students are required to submit a $100 processing fee and $200 program deposit to submit an application for study away. This is made in one payment installation that is completed online using debit or credit card. The $100 application fee is nonrefundable. All other fees may be fully or partially refundable dependent upon the time of withdrawal.

A full refund & withdrawal policy is available from the IOP Office. Copies of the Refund and Withdrawal Policy will be included in the acceptance letter for all programs.

Semester programs are governed by the host institution or partner university. Refunds are dependent upon refundable costs through the partner organization.

Each Augustana semester abroad has a refund guarantee deadline, beyond which students are not guaranteed a full refund of their program fees. This deadline is April 1 for all upcoming fall semester programs and September 1 for all spring semester programs.

Semester application details

Step 1. Augustana application

• After choosing a program, apply for Augustana approval and financial aid use by completing the Augustana application. Detailed step-by-step instructions on how to complete the application are available at the IOP Office within CORE in Olin Hall.

• As one of the last steps in the application, make the nonrefundable application fee and program deposit, totaling $300 

• Await your email acceptance notification before moving on to Step 2.

Step 2. Partner application

• Your acceptance letter from Augustana will include some “next steps,” including online forms and other requirements. Augustana will notify the partner organization or university for the program you have chosen that you have been approved by Augustana for their program.

• You will now need to apply on the website for the partner program. Use the web link found on the program’s page. Be sure to apply to the correct program at the partner organization, as each organization offers many programs not included on the Augustana endorsed program list, and you have been approved only for the program found on the list. If you have difficulty finding the program on the provider’s website, contact the IOP Office for assistance.

• You should NOT send in a deposit with your application. Augustana will handle all deposits and payments for you. You are only responsible for making the appropriate payments to Augustana for the semester of your program. You will be billed for this semester as you normally are for on-campus semesters.

Step 3. Confirmation and predeparture

When you receive your acceptance from the partner organization or university, you should upload the acceptance letter (or email) into your Studio Abroad portal account. This will be one of the required documents needed in order to confirm your participation in the program.

• After this, you should complete all required Augustana documents in your Studio Abroad account as well as all documents (for acceptance and for visa processes) required by the partner organization. There will be some redundancy between Augustana’s requirements and the partner’s. This is normal. You will also be required to attend predeparture meetings on campus the semester prior to your departure.