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Summer programs

(See this information in a printable PDF or Flipbook.)

Augustana offers Augustana-sponsored summer programs and transfer summer programs. 


All summer programs require sophomore status and a 2.00 GPA at the time of application through the semester prior to travel. Students who is initially accepted with a 2.00 GPA or higher may be removed (at student expense) from a program if their GPAs drops below the 2.00 threshold at any point before departure. 

Financial aid

No federal, state or Augustana financial aid may be applied to the cost of a summer study away program.

All approved summer programs, whether Augustana-sponsored or not, are Augie Choice eligible for students in the summer after their sophomore or junior years. Transfer students may access Augie Choice after one year of study at Augustana.

Additional grants through Augustana, such as the Office of International & Off-campus Programs Passport Grant, may apply to the Augustana-sponsored programs. It is also possible, if the application is completed in a timely manner, for students to apply for national or international grants towards summer language study.

Refund and withdrawal

The $100 application fee is nonrefundable. All other fees may be fully or partially refundable dependent upon the time of withdrawal.

A full refund and withdrawal policy is available at the IOP Office. Copies of the refund and withdrawal Policy will be included in the acceptance letter for all programs.

The summer abroad programs have a refund guarantee deadline, beyond which students are not guaranteed a full refund of their program fees. This deadline is April 1 for all upcoming summer programs.


All applications for Augustana-sponsored programs are completed on Augustana’s Studio Abroad. The same site will be used for all required pre-departure documents and orientation materials.

All programs have a primary application period (Sept. 10 – Dec. 10) with an extended period (Dec. 11 – Feb.10).

During the primary period, students pay only the $100 nonrefundable application fee at that time.  The $200 deposit, which applies to the cost of the program, is required as confirmation only after a student has been accepted into the program of choice by Augustana.

During the extended period, students must pay both the $100 application fee and the $200 program deposit at the time of application.

Additional program payments for summer programs are due April 1 and May 1. Only students who are paid in full by the May 1 deadline are guaranteed clearance to travel on the summer program.

Students with incomplete payments or incomplete predeparture documentation on Augustana’s Studio Abroad may be denied participation in the summer program until forms and the payments are complete. If a student fails to complete either by the set deadline in May, he or she will be withdrawn from the program and any nonrefundable costs will be billed or retained from the student's refund.

External and transfer summer programs

External and transfer summer programs essentially are treated the same as any transferable courses taken at universities within the United States over the summer would be treated.

Students who wish to enroll in any of these programs, or any other external, university credit summer abroad program, may do so with permission of the IOP office.

Students enrolling in these programs do not apply through Augustana, make no payments to Augustana College, and all credit is treated as transfer credit from the program provider or university of record.

As part of their preparation for the external study away summer program, students are expected to register this program with the IOP Office and to complete documents which release Augustana of liability for the external program and provide Augustana with key program information which will assist with the transfer of credits.