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Ecuador: Summer Spanish


Augustana offers an 11-week program open to students at all Spanish levels or an intensive five-week option for students at the Advanced (300) level. Both programs include a rich selection of excursions, events and cultural events and both offer the same enriching family stays as the housing for the summer.  Students in the 11-week program receive the added bonus of a mid-program excursion to the rainforest of Ecuador’s Oriente region as well as a program-final trip to Peru, to explore Cusco and the lost city of Machu Picchu.

Summer 2019 will be the final summer prior to the shift from trimesters to semesters and the switch to a 4-credit standard course. For the Summer 2019 Ecuador program, this means the program will retain its selection of 3-credit courses available at all academic levels.


Eligibility and program cap: Requires a 2.00 GPA and sophomore status. The 11-week program has no requirement for prior study of Spanish. The five-week program is only offered to students at the Advanced level and requires completion of Spanish 301 or 305.

Contact: For program information, including date of departure and return, please contact the WLLC Spanish department program coordinator or the IOP director


11-week Program courses

Course placement dependent upon prior study of Spanish or placement exam.

SPAN 150: Beginning Spanish. A 9-credit course equivalent to SPAN 101-102-103. Recommended for students with one semester or less of college Spanish. No prerequisite.

SPAN 250: Intermediate Spanish. A 9-credit course equivalent to SPAN 201-202-203. Prerequisite is SPAN 103 or two semester of college Spanish.

SPAN 350: Advanced Spanish. A 9-credit course equivalent to SPAN 301, 327, and 3 credits of 300 level elective. Prerequisite is SPAN 203 or four semesters of college Spanish.

Upper-level elective courses

Available to any student who has completed Spanish 301, 305 or five semesters of college Spanish. Students in the 11-week program choose three of the four courses for their 9-credit program. Students on the five-week program must enroll in both courses which are offered during weeks 1-5 of the program.

ART 343SA (PA/G): Art of the Americas: Weeks 1-5. A 3-credit art course taught in Spanish and English. Study the major modes of artistic expression in Andean culture.

SPAN 458 (PH): Indigenous Culture and Literature: Weeks 1-5. A 3-credit course equivalent to SPAN 344 for majors and minors.

SPAN 454 (PP): Latin American History: Weeks 6-11. A 3-credit course equivalent to SPAN 326 for majors and minors.

SPAN 457: Contemporary Latin American Society: Weeks 6-11. A 3-credit course equivalent to SPAN 327 for majors and minors.

Housing and travel

Housing: While in Cuenca, Ecuador, students live with local families. Students are housed one per family, with private rooms. Each family is carefully vetted and completes an orientation program to prepare them to host our students.

Excursions: The 11-week program includes excursions to Quito, Otavalo, the Oriente, Peru (Lima, Cusco, Machu Picchu) and several towns in the vicinity of Cuenca.  The five-week program includes only the Quito, Otavalo and local excursions.

Budget and fees

Program fee: $9,600 for the 11-week program or $7,400 for the five-week program.

Includes: Tuition, round-trip airfare from/to Miami, ground transport, accommodations, meals in homestay, all excursions, full time support staff, and medical insurance.

Does not include: Flights to/from Miami, non-homestay meals and discretionary spending.

Out-of-pocket estimate: Depending on student spending habits and flight costs to/from Miami, out-of-pocket costs range between $1,000 and $1,500