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Materials checklist for librarians

Checklist for Performance Review Materials:

Please attach this form to the top of your packet before submitting it to the dean's office.

Name of reviewee _________________________________

Seven (7) copies of a packet and one electronic copy that includes:

1. Your review report on your work (particularly in the areas of teaching and advising; can also include scholarship and service, if applicable);

2. Your updated curriculum vitae;

3. Your summary IDEA reports (if available and applicable).

In addition, please provide one (1) electronic version of the primary review materials listed above. Each of the items should be in four separate files titled: 1. CM Statement, 2. CV and 3. SRI Folder (This folder will have multiple files). Please provide these electronic documents via Google drive to the Dean of Students Office and allow access to the seven members of the Faculty Welfare Committee as well as all tenured members of your department.

One (1) copy of supplemental materials such as: individual IDEA forms; evidence of student learning (e.g., samples of student papers, exams, projects; pre- and post-test data; other assessment forms); syllabi; books, articles, papers that have been published or presented; evidence of creative projects or performances, reviews, etc.; evidence of campus, professional, and/or public service.

To be submitted to theĀ  Dean of Students Office: Seven (7) hard copies and one (1) e-copy of department chair letter.