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Faculty Newsletter October 1, 2018

This Week's Message

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TOPIC:  J-Term Rally

4:00 -  Presentation, 3:30  - Refreshments 

Denkmann 301

SPEAKERS: Gillian Lederman and Jayne Rose, Semester Transition & Mike Egan, J-Term Coordinator

Responding to the College's need for additional J-term offerings in 2019-20, this week's Friday Conversation (relocated to Denkmann 301 this week) is devoted to sharing ideas about creative ways for faculty to develop more J-term courses.  

Playful thinking about course possibilities is invited and encouraged. Have you always wanted to teach a course focused on an interest outside your discipline (such as Star Wars mythology or pop music poetry or your favorite author's anthology)?  A new, open-ended course code might enable you to do that. Able to fit 2 additional credits into your load but not 4?  Maybe you can link up with another colleague in a similar situation and make plans to co-teach. Want to effectively keep Learning Communities alive at Augustana?  Partner up with a colleague outside your discipline and organize a powerful inter-disciplinary course with a devoted community of learners.


Faculty News

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Brian Lovato (political science) has had a coauthored (with Jon Gould - American University) article entitled "Making Academic Life 'Workable' for Fathers" published in PS:Political Science & Politics. This article is part of a symposium that was the result of the National Science Foundation–sponsored workshop, “Advancement through Narrative:Understanding and Navigating Success and Failure in the Academy” (NSF Grant #1643084).



News from America occupies a prominent place in Swedish media. For decades, political, cultural, and social developments in the U.S. have been closely followed in Sweden. This interest has grown even more intense in recent years.

On October 13, 2018, the Swenson Swedish Immigration Research Center at Augustana College will host a panel discussion looking at how foreign journalists report on news from the United States, using Sweden as an example.

Foreign news media have a long tradition of stationing correspondents in America. These reporters play an essential role in shaping their readers’ perception of America. In the past, Swedish newspapers, radio, and television were the main source of information about the U.S. in Sweden. But today, the internet provides Swedes with easy access to American media. How does this abundance of American news affect the work of journalists? Is there a greater need for context when so much information is readily available? How well informed is the public in the respective countries?

Participants will include Augustana Provost Wendy-Hilton Morrow, Swedish journalists Karin Henriksson and Martin Gelin, and the moderator, Dr. Jonas Björk, professor of journalism and public relations at Indiana University in Indianapolis.

The event will be held in Wallenberg Hall in Augustana's Denkmann Building (3520 7th Ave) and will run from 2 p.m. until about 4:30 p.m. with a coffee break from 3-3:15.

Support for this event provided by the Swenson Swedish Immigration Research Center and Scandinavian Studies program at Augustana College, through a grant from the Marianne and Marcus Wallenberg Foundation.


During Symposium Day we served 22 students, translating to 163.5 pounds of food dispersed. We are currently looking for donations of soup, rice, toothbrushes, and toothpaste for next Thursday. Donation drop-off bins can be found on the first floor of Old Main, Founders, Denkmann, Evald, and Olin, as well as the second floor of the Tredway library. Thank you all for your continued support!

Center for Faculty Enrichment (CFE)

CORE (Careers, Opportunities, Research and Exploration)

Do you hire student employees? Does your department sometimes need extra student workers to help with a special project or event? If so, join CORE in Olin 109 on October 10 or 11 at 10:00 A.M. for a Student Employment workshop. We will cover how to post a job on Handshake and how to review the job applicants, and will talk about the Flexible Employment Program and show you how to request temporary student workers for your special events or projects.

If you cannot make it to the workshops but have questions, feel free to reach out to our Student Employment Coordinator, Andy Shearouse, at or 309-794-7470.



The Violet M. Jaeke Family Life fund could help to support teaching, research, service or general campus initiatives of interest to you and your students. Proposals accepted year round.

Teaching: Many courses have links to family life. Jaeke Family Life funding can support teaching relevant to family study in both applied and theoretical realms. Jaeke funding has helped with field trips, invited speakers, instructional supplies, library acquisitions and even pizza incentives for focus groups, all in support of family-related issues in the classroom, with topics ranging from immigration and sexuality to public policy and marital therapy, from trans identity talks and feminist art installations to film purchases to support teaching goals.

Research: Jaeke can help cover conference registration and travel fees to conference venues such as The Work and Family Researchers Network ( ), The Council on Contemporary Families, or the Prisoner's Family Network. Most conference support has been on family-related research at venues that have broad appeal. If your work is with families, about families, or benefits families, then please know there could be funding to support that work.

Service-Learning or Internships: Jaeke Family Life funding can help support students in family-related internships in organizations such as the Texas Medical Center or in rape/domestic violence hotline training programs through Family Resources. In the past, Jaeke funds paid for background checks and supplies for students volunteering with refugee families via World Relief. Along with support from Education/Longfellow Elementary funding, Jaeke funds helped support a creative after-school program involving teaching yoga practices to Longfellow children and their families

Service/Outreach: Some service projects might qualify for outreach funding. For example, Jaeke funding recently paid for healthy snacks for Opportunity Kicks Tutoring, an after-school tutoring program run by Augie students that combines soccer with study skills.

Campus Initiatives: Jaeke funds underwrite babysitting fees for Friday Conversations, to help allow Augie parents the opportunity to attend college functions and supporting student workers. This year, Jaeke funds have been proposed to pay for all-gender restroom signs to be installed around campus.

Please contact Sharon Varallo if you, your students, or staff have or would like to brainstorm ideas about family-related research, teaching, service or campus-related initiatives.

Presidential Center for Faith and Learning


October 12: Friday Conversation with Mark Wilhelm, Augustana Board member and Executive Director of the Network of ELCA Colleges and Universities, who will lead us in an open discussion of “Rooted and Open: The Common Calling of ELCA Colleges” (Co-sponsored with Campus Ministries). “Rooted and Open” is the foundational document by the new Network of ELCA Colleges and Universities articulating the shared institutional vocations of the 27 member schools. You can find a copy here.

Weekly Events

Monday, October 1, 4:00-5:00 p.m. - New Faculty Mentoring Circle, Wilson, Brunner

Tuesday, October 2, 11:30 a.m. - Augie Reflections, Ascension Chapel, Founders Hall 2nd floor

Tuesday, October 2, 4:30-5:30 p.m. - Ekklesia, Old Main 135

Tuesday, October 2, 10:45am, Voice SeminarWallenberg Hall

Tuesday, October 2, 7:30pm, Faculty Recital - Susan Bawden, bassoon, Wallenberg Hall

Friday, October 5, 4:00 p.m. Friday Conversation: "Week #7, J-Term Rally,  Wilson Center, Speakers: Gillian Lederman and Jayne Rose (Semester Transition Coordinators) & Mike Egan (J-Term Coordinator) 

Sunday, October 7, 8:30 p.m. High School Chamber Choir Festival Concert, featuring the choral ensembles of Augustana CollegeCentennial Hall