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Writing Fiction

Program dates: check-in June 21, class June 22-25, 2020

Cost: $680

Course description

There isn't much time to write creatively in high school, so come to Summer Academy and write poetry, short stories, plays and more.

Writers will try a wide variety of writing exercises to get their creativity flowing and do activities to have new experiences to write about. 

Writers will have the opportunity to experiment with different forms and genres and by the end of the week will have a notebook of ideas, at least a couple of completed new pieces, as well as lots of fun memories and new friends. No prior experience necessary.

Tentative schedule

Welcome reception

•    Get your class journal, three-ring binder and other necessary writing supplies*
•    How to get ideas and get started — pre-writing activities
•    Showing, not telling — writing with detail

•    Writing about art — ecphrasis poetry
•    Strategies for thinking and seeing like a writer
•    A fieldtrip to the Figge Museum*, using art for inspiration
•    A stop at Whitey’s Ice Cream* shop (local deliciousness) on the way back to class

•    Writing in multiple voices—in poetry and prose
•    Writing realistic dialogue and characters for short stories or novels
•    Learning to “re-see”--practicing effective revision strategies
•    Writing time to finish pieces or start new pieces

•    Writing, conferencing, and drinking a coffee/smoothie in a local coffee shop*
•    Time to discuss your writing individually with teacher and with peers
•    Share writing with the class, if you choose to
•    Time for questions about writing and more
You will be mailed a copy of the class publication later in the summer*
Included in course fee

katie hanson

Instructor: Katie Hanson

Katie Hanson is an assistant professor in English and education. She teaches literature and writing courses in the English department and teaches future English teachers in the education department.

Her research interests include adolescent literature, children’s literature, and literacy strategies. She has taught writing for 30 years.

In her free time, she likes to travel with her husband and three children. She also likes to read, write, and bake.