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COVID-19 testing dashboard

Augustana College is closely monitoring the cases of COVID-19 on campus and in our geographic area. The college will share data weekly on this page.

Testing at Augustana is done on Tuesdays. To allow sufficient time for test results to be returned, and to gather data from the college's contact tracing team, new information is posted as soon as it is available the following week.

Illinois Region 2 details


  Jan. 15
Positivity rate 7.2%
Days of positivity rate increase past week 0
Days of admissions increase past week 0
Hospital availability 27%

Information comes from the Illinois Department of Public Health Regional COVID-19 Resurgence Criteria. Additional information is available at County Level COVID-19 Risk Metrics.

Internal testing

Data in this section summarizes findings of the Augustana Strong testing protocol. It does not include testing students or staff have conducted outside of the college’s protocol.

Testing procedure: 10-15% of the student body and 10-15% of employees, through volunteer participation, will be tested weekly for a month. Each month, a new random selection of participants will occur. 

New results will be shared every week. Each update will reflect the testing data from the prior week. Data will include weekly surveillance testing and separate testing of athletes and coaches.

Note: Reports from Jan. 2 and Jan. 4 reflect the results of testing of athletes and coaches only.

Student information

This week

Last week

  (Jan. 10 ,13) (Jan. 2,4)
Positivity rate <1% <1%
Number of new positive cases 2 1

Employee information

This week

Last week

  (Jan. 12) NA
Positivity rate 0% NA
Number of new positive cases 0 NA

Total numbers

This week

Last week

New cases on campus* 11  
Students isolated as of Jan. 18
symptomatic or tested positive
Students quarantined as of Jan. 18
close contact with someone tested positive
Students sequestered as of Jan. 18
close contact with suspected
but unconfirmed cases


*Includes cases identified through the Augustana College testing protocol and all other cases reported to the Dean of Students Office and  Human Resources. This number only indicates on-campus community members, including employees and residential students and commuting students who attend classes. It does not include information from students or employees who are engaged in remote learning or remote work 100% of the time.

• • • 

1.0 is the average number (Rt value) of people who become infected by a person with COVID-19 in the U.S. as of Aug. 24, 2020. A number higher than 1.0 means each infected person is passing the virus to more than one other person. (Source: Statista)