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Credentialed Driver Agreement



1. Have and carry a valid driver's license while driving.

2. Use College vehicles for authorized purposes only.

3. Not permit any unauthorized person to drive the vehicle. Unauthorized drivers may be held personally liable for any accident or loss.

4. Observe all applicable traffic laws, ordinances and regulations.

5. Not transport unauthorized passengers.

6. Refrain from driving on campus sidewalks and greens. Authorization to use a vehicle in these specified areas must be obtained from Security or the Director of Facility Services.

7. Not transport any open containers of alcohol (unless specifically permitted, e.g., dining or catering services), illegal drugs, or other contraband. In the case of dining or catering services, any open containers of alcohol being transported must be out of reach of the driver at all times.

8. Use safety belts or other available occupant restraints and require all occupants to use seat belts or occupant restraints, in accordance with state laws. Never permit total occupancy to exceed the number of seat belts.

9. Use safe driving principles, practices and techniques at all times. Refrain from distracted driving, texting and using cell phones while behind the wheel at all times.

10. Not drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Not drive if using a medication that impairs judgment, reflexes or alertness.

11. Turn the vehicle off, remove the keys, and lock the vehicle when it is left unattended.

12. Report all accidents or traffic violations involving a college vehicle or while driving on college business to the Office of Facility Services, 309-794-7278.

13. Report (a) any changes in license status (i.e., suspension or revocation), (b) any driving offenses involving drugs or alcohol, and (c) any other at-fault accidents that occur while driving on College business to the Office of Facility Services, 309-794-7278.

14. Personally assume responsibility for any and all fines or traffic violations associated with use of a College vehicle or privately-owned vehicle used on college business. The college is not responsible for fines, or other costs resulting from violations of traffic or parking regulations by drivers on college business.