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Old Main Society

The Old Main Society recognizes donors whose cumulative lifetime giving to any designation achieves the level of $1 million and above. Those listed in italics will be members when their commitment is completed.

Kenneth and Susan Nelson '76 Abrams
Paul Anderson '71
Richard and Paula Youngberg '60 Arnell
Steve and Jane Easter Bahls
Brenda Czajka '75 Barnes
James Billman
Ann Boaden '67
Bob '60 and Carol Shannon '60 Brockhouse

Kim '71 and Donna Huber '75 Brunner
LeRoy Carlson
George '69 and Beth Beart '69 Drost
Ken and Julie Hamann '82 Elliott 
Ronald Fleischer
William Freistat '40
Marvin '33 and Marian Hoffbauer '32 Gassman
Rick '76 and Alice Godfrey
Rich Jensen '74 and Beth Goodrich

Paul '60 and Pat Nellans '60 Guehler
Chip Hammersmith '73
Stuart Harbour '43
Mark '64 and Jane Harrington
Sue Hulsen '66 Heine

Bud and Esta Helpenstell
Diane Gustafson '66 Hill
Ann Hutchinson '73

James Ingemanson '65
Bob '65 and Karol Hein '65 Karlblom
Louise Lage '37 Kirtland
Axtell '62 and Marie Kramer
John '62 and Mary Thorson '62 Lucken
Frank Kirchner '73 and David Nicholson
Lois Levine Mundie '69 
John '80 and Tammy Bissman '81 Murabito
Bob '70 and Marilyn Pritchard

Fred and Florence Rissing
Erick Schonstedt
Mark '72 and Debbie Schwiebert
Lee Selander '72
Bonnie Church '58 Shrut
Kurt and Lynette Skow '87 Rasmussen
Marilyn Smilie '67 and Fred Radloff
Bill and Kathy Finke '77 Storm

Frank Strohkarck '30
Sunder Subbaroyan '87 and Annette Sherbeyn
Duane '61 and Cookie Swanson
Reuben '47 and Darlene Carlson '47 Swanson
William Swanson
Lyal Westerlund '25 Swenson
Larry '63 and Jane Tschappat
Mary Waterman
Perry '58 and Terrie Waughtal
Thomas Weigand '85
Jean Welch Walgren