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Viking Club

Starter: $10-$99
MVP: $100-$249
Gold: $250-$499
Captain: $500-$999
Elite: $1,000+


Kenneth Anderson '71
Christine '93 and George '93 Annang
Eve Ardia
Richard Ardia
Carol and Kyle Austin
Alex Bajza
Logan '09 and Kate Ries '11 Beausoleil
Taylor Belo '19
Al and Vida Bendoraitis
Brian and Kathy Benning
Kelly Bethke
Brad and Lynn Hansen '90 Bjork
Michael and Susan Bosco
Phillip Bratta
Katherine Brown
Michael Burkhardt
Cynthia Camp
Kenneth and Nicole Campbell
Evelyn Campbell
Patricia Carlton
Amy Carton
B Christopherson
Ken '48 and Ingrid Clauson
Lisa and Scott Clements
Mark and Marla Cleveland
Irvin and Rebecca Coleman
Daniel Copper '78
Jack Crabtree '65
Don '74 and Claire Kennefick '74 Crawford
Lisa and Mark Crompton
Pier D'Alesio and Camille Desalvo
Thomas Dedin
Sheri Degen
Jean and Michael Del Priore
Adam '12 and Rebecca Mally '12 DeSimone
James '08 and Kari Dicken
Joye Dickens
George and Sharon Dinkel
A. Kathy and Bill Downing
Carol Drish
Weijing Duan and Bradley Webber
Freddie Dudek '08
Dolores Dykie
D Eisenberg '14
Brandon and Sarah Ellis
Connie and Thomas Farell
Carmen and John Farwell
Valerie Fayolle Saint-Paul and Manuel Saint-Paul
Jenny and Scott Fieldman
Kathryn and Ryan Flom
Leah Forbes
Carl Frasor '21
Kimberly and Thomas Frazier
Andrew Frech
Robert Frisina '93
Margaret and Samuel Gattuso
Aaron and Carol Gerraughty
Stephanie Gillingham
Jacob '10 and Em Timmons '13 Glimco
Sharon Goode
Mark Grammer
Jillian Hagmann '25
Carole Haley and Arthur Payton
Martha and Michael Hammond
Peggy Hazzard
Pauline Herbert-Allen
Assunta Herlands
Camie and Dan Higgins
Michael Hoekstra '17
Richard Holtman '64
David Holtz and Jill VanBuren Holtz
Kelly Mueller '90 Hughes
Taylor Hurry
Milton and Nellie Hysjulien
Mary Innis '84
Julie and Scott Jackson
Tom '91 and Bonnie Jessee
Steve '81 and Nancy Albrecht '83 Johnson
Greg '70 and Cindy Carlson '71 Karr
Gordon '61 and Susan Kelly
Paul '95 and Heather Stewart '95 Kieffer
Joseph and Laura King
John and Sharon Knudson
Arlen and Madelyn Krinke
Katherine and Lloyd Kuder
John and Tina Lambert
Will Lardner '15
Ale Leal and Gabo Luna
Kenny and Vicki Lee
Jeff Lindeman '03
Gary Linn '60
Bridget and Enrique Lipezker
Autumn and Paul Loete
Brett and Michelle Long
Daniel and Monica Lorang
Amy and Tad Lucas
Johnny Mago '11
Carla and Tom Mangoni
Bettina and Edwin Martin
Sarah and Terry Martin
Brian and Lisa McCarthy
Terry McGinnis
Ruth McGinnis
Chuck '73 and Gloria Menzer
Matt '94 and Susan Steinhauer '96 Miller
David and Linda Miller
Brian '01 and Heather Garlich '01 Miller
Dan Miller '78
Darlene Moore
Linda and William Mossa
Sandra and Ted Motsinger
Megan Mummert '11
Mary and Randy Nelson
Anthony Nelson '03
Sherman Nick
Matthew Nicol '05
Brandi Nord
Renee Nowicki
Janett and Robert O'Dwyer
Lance and Lori Oetting
Diane Oltman
Georgia Ozanic
Daniel and Gina Pearson
Howard '54 and Mary Petersen
David and Leigh Peterson
Ronald Preville
Catherine Quinn
Melissa Redmond
Krista and Todd Rittenhouse
Craig Robbins and Kimberly Williams
John and Vickie Robertson
Constance and Walter Robinson
Jason and Lucille Roubidoux
Elizabeth Rucinski
Gina and Richy Ruggiero
Anthony and Ronda Russo
Stephanie Schild
Carole and Ronald Schmidt
Bill Schneider '82
Cindy Schroeder
Ginny and Charles Schuette
Larry Schulte
Pamela Sconyers
Mike '11 and Elaine Aiken '74 Seevers
Arsal '15 and Alyssa Copeland '15 Shareef
Patrick and Sue Bock '80 Sheehan
Leeann Shirey
Dylan Sortillo '18
Michael Spitters
Scott '74 and Jennifer Jackson '81 Stephens
Jenna Stone '17
Jeffrey and Roseanna Thomas
Gail Thompson
Marjorie Troxell
Harold Upton
Frank and Vikki Valenti
Justin Verlinden '20
Patrick and Tiffany Versluis
Gary and Kathryn Wagner
Debra and Kevin Walsh
Doe Waters
Michael Weindruch '75
Linda Weiss '88 and Michele Fosmire
Al and Mary Widick
Judy and Ron Williams
Patricia and Ray Witzel
Whitney Reade '97 Woods
Benedict '59 and Clare Yaspelkis
Cathleen and Russell Yoder


Fillippo and Francesca Accettura
Sylvia Acuna
Kurt '72 and Barbara Mosbacher '74 Anderson
Lynn and Thomas Anderson
Patricia Anderson
Jeff '78 and Karyn Bell
John Benedetti '00
Phil '76 and Laura Bertram
Adam '95 and Kristina Hansen '95 Boardman
Drew '73 and Mary Telleen '77 Boster
Adam and Kathy Brooks
Eileen and Joseph Brown
Leonard and Janifer Engquist '58 Broz
Robert '92 and Rosemarie Mendivil '94 Brueggeman
Molly and Vincent Campione
Dennis and Jill Carlson
Bob '69 and Barbara Carlstrom
Kurt Christoffel
Robert Churchill
Richard Dailey
Nancy Dailey
Alice and John Dellitt
Al and Lynne DeSimone
Mitchell Edlund '90
Tom '74 and Jill Cablk '74 Enger
Giacomo Fanizza and Maria Marinelli
Jon and Tracy Farney
Patti and Stephen Feldstein
Mark '90 and Liesl Kolp '90 Fowler
Wendy France
Curt and Karen Frost
Barbara and Joseph Gliwa
Anthony and Stephanie Glowacki
Martha and Robert Gooding
Liz and Marcus Gorken
Connie Grchan
David and Elaine Greiner
Kevin Grenke '01
Karen and Bill Grenke
Christina Gamzer '02 and Lance Grimord
Tom Gritton '83
Jan Haeflinger
Bruce and Natalie Hardt
Peggy Hardwick '75 and Ted Stone '75
Carol and Mark Harpole
Chris Hayden '01
Jim Hayden '81
Constance Heden
Mike Hedges '70
Tim Heisler '02
Allen and Melody Helms
Gloria and Orrin Helms
Laura Herlands
Arvid '61 and Karen Herstedt
Sonya Cowser '83 Hochsprung
John Hoffstatter
Beth Holland '70 and Jim Zid
Christa and Mark Horton
Maggie Hoscheit '14
Chris and Judie Hulett
Kristine and Thomas Hynes
Dennis Jacobs '59
Dorothy Jess
Bonnie and Larry Johnsen
Caran Hylander '68 Johnson
*Olof '62 and Caran Hylander '68 Johnson
Jonathan '96 and Julie Bratta '96 Kern
Patricia and Ronald Kerres
Keith and Regina King
Paul Kleinhans-Schulz '13
Richard and Sally Krantz
John and Stacy Krueger
Barry and Lisa Krumwiede
Steve Lamberti '01
Tom '84 and Donna Rutherford '86 Lawrence
James and Teri Leseman
Brad Lott '99
Chester and Renee Lozowski
Jim '61 and Ruth Lundeen
Anna Lundine '13
Denise and Raymond Magiera
Michael and Susan Maifield
April Maifield
Richard Maloney '50
Dennis and Diane Marcucci
Joe Mariano '99
Leroy '72 and Jamie Marsh
RJ and Susie Marston
Samuel McCoy
Jeff McCoy '79
Christopher and Lisa McReynolds
Elizabeth and Kurtis Melton
Moira and Richard Menninga
Peter Montgomery '94
Stephanie Morgano
Cynthia Munch
Wayne '72 and Carol Muskievicz
Rhonda and Vaughn Nichols
Ken and Wai Oda
Nicole Olsen '18
Donald Oltman
Jake '13 and Jane Nagle '13 O'Rourke
Bill Parkhurst '73
Anne-Marie and Kevin Pauwels
Dwight Pentzien '89
Julie Weigand '78 and Joel Peters
Theresa Plunkett
Diane and John Powell
Tracey Power '04 and Sean Bell
Bob '70 and Marilyn Pritchard
Alisande and Paul Rapps
Paula Rauze Worthington '65 and James Worthington '65
Rick and Sue Fleischman '79 Rector
Al Ross '87
Mark Roth '15
Michael Salcedo
John and Laura Sandberg
Jim Sandberg '13
Paul Schimanski
Maureen and Roger Schmitz
Richard Simon
Dawn Simon
Steven Simon
Carol Snyder
Katherine and Mark Stoffel
Jody and Matthew Straight
Mary and Bob Tallitsch
Lee and Tom Taylor
Bill '68 and Pam Caldwell '68 Telleen
Ken '54 and Dee Kandler '61 Tillman
Linda Tobin
Brad and Robin Toone
David Uhlmann
Chris and Frannette Vaughan
Frank and Michele Voris
Diane Vrbancic
Kevin '13 and Julee Morrison '15 Waibel
Madeline and Robert Walberg
Allison Bonnett '95 Ward
Michelle Weaver '06
Gary and Maureen Weeks
Laura and Paul Wetzel
Rob '72 and Pam Wilson
Dave '80 and Joan Wrath


Rick '73 and Janet Anderson
Dan and Nikki Baron
Arun and Mary Bhardwaj
Deanne and Matt Blackford
Jacob Bobbitt '09
Kara and Lucas Bolton
Eric Boster '05 and Danielle Miller-Boster '05
Gerry Breeden
David and Eileen Brongiel
Chris and Suzy Brown
Andy '88 and Kimberly Burnell
Malcolm and Liz Carr
Dan and Julie Chamberlain
Michael Clark '05
Kjersti Cory
John Davis
Jamie '90 and Jackie Deffenbaugh
Jennell and Steve Dietz
Keri and Mike DiGioia
Michael Ducey
Tim Frey '07
Peter and Stella Geroulis
Maria and Michael Giamarusti
Mark and Stacey Glendenning
John '83 and Becky Hinrichs '84 Glimco
Jerrod and Lacey Grampp
Steve Green
Brent Gustafson '70
Dave and Sarah Hall
Brian and Colleen Halloran
Bruce '75 and Mary Hamming
Joel and Tracy Hansen
Daniel and Jennifer Harper
Racheal Hensley Racheal Hensley
Jeanine Pierard Hibbard
Dawn and Scott Hoag
Tim Holmstrom '86
Chuck Hughes
Mo Hussain '87
Sheila Inserra
Kathy Jakielski and Dave Yordy
Jennifer Jones
Brian and Theresa Kaczmarek
Jack and Melissa Kallenberger
Anthony and Michelle Keany
Paula and Richard Kiefer
Eric and Lisa Kracinski
Paul and Robin Krogman
Gary '92 and Ingrid Kwak
Kim and Tom Landers
Jeffrey Legg '81
Brad and Catherine Lenschow
Michael '08 and Laura Wittland '08 Lucchetti
Don and Paulette Lytton
Amy and Jamie Macdonald
Kimberly and Sie Maroon
Anna and Don McNeill
John and Mary Mehaffey
George and Patti Norberg
Michael North
Amy and Anthony Ogarek
Gail and Mark Payton
David and Jill Pearre
Daniel and Tamara Pritt
Chuck Rickman and Julie Rickmand
Amy and Dan Romano
Douglas '85 and Jana Sand
Caroline and Elliot Shelton
Margie Smith '78
Ryan Southern '96
Anita Southwick
Christine and Scott Stricker
Mark Sunderland
David and Kathie Swaney
Darcy and Jason Thorp
Allyson and Boris Vaynerman
Erica and Jose Vega
Tyler Vens '09
Crystal Viezca
Kristin Voigts
Jim Voigts
Gina and Lance Waite
Mark Walker '91
Jim and Melinda Warfield
Jennifer Weitz
Scott '80 and Sara Whitener
Lisa and Tim Witkowski


David Johnson '79
Robert Scott '45
Mark '75 and Karen Tolf '77 Petersen
Noel DeKalb '59
Erik and Susan Freitag
Joe Ayala
Cindy and Steve Pressly
Sarah Diel-Hunt and Stephen Hunt
Eric '71 and Diane Sandberg
Michael and Michele Feltner
Gary Beck
Kelley Clem and Nicole Leenders
Mike Heller '92
Deb and William Hartigan
Peter Felske
Charles Horan
Dave and Pamela Fuller
Bud and Lynda Erickson
Amanda and Jason Woodrey
Colleen and Pete Hanushewsky
Barry '70 and Jill Gustafson '70 Dahlgren
Becky Morrisey
Karen and Morris Gronewold
Brian '70 and Cheryl Westin
Paul '74 and Sheila Guse
Robert Haak
John Feehan '05
Steve Beck '84 and Teresa Grimes-Beck
Johnny Jorgensen
Eric '69 and Sondra Engstrom
Lloyd Lundberg '57
Vicki and Lee Wassenhove
Mike '88 and Jill McGraw
Robert Sweno '07
Bill and Kathy Finke '77 Storm
Catherine and Tom Ebalo
Dave '71 and Christine Engelhard '72 Jagger
Brian '01 and Melissa Petty '01 Berndt
Donna and Nelson Alberts
Matt Somers '11 and Teresa Cech
Kent and Jennie Barnds
Barry and Jeanne Nelson
Becca and Jared Kitterman
John '65 and Marcia Anderson '66 Wetzel


Suellen and Wayne Addison
Kirk '93 and Cathy Stran '93 Anderson
Dick Bartlett '62
Kirk '87 and Julie Setchell '87 Bednar
Greg '82 and Vicki Bednar
John and Juanita Breeden
Mark '73 and Marta Brooks
Kelly and Wes Brooks
Erik Burgwald '89
Duncan and Dianne Lewis '86 Cameron
Vince '91 and Lauren Carone
J.C. '00 and Cherie Peterson '01 Clark
John and Julie Delaney
David '82 and Helena Csoke '83 Devore
Diane Duffy-Radel '86 and Michael Radel
Kyle Ekberg '09 and Aleeza Singh
Clayton and Davie Frick
Michael Gapen '91 and Rachel Grisham
Steve Gibble '78
Jason Harder
Doug '77 and Nancy Reed '77 Hultquist
Jim Kopel
Zac '01 and Kristin Larson
Diane and Randy Lloyd
John '71 and Wanda Paul Malvik
Dave Markward '71
Hurley Mitchell
David '69 and Nancy Swanson '70 Moe
Norm '64 and Janet Ahlstrom '66 Moline
Diann Moor
Butch '78 and Mary Jo Necastro
Kevin '84 and Karen Horstmann '84 Nelson
Paul Olsen and Jeanne Donstad Olsen '68
Harry '70 and Vicki Pells
Mike '09 and Molly Pettis
Keri and Darrin Rursch
Doreen Lamere '56 Sartor
Jeff '85 and Judy Scarpinato
Carrie Wilson '00 and Todd '00 Swanson
Jeffery '86 and Dana Widdop
Mike and Stacey Zapolski

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