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Orientation and Registration

Orientation and Registration will occur virtually this summer due to the pandemic.

We are offering a variety of virtual sessions for students and parents. These sessions will include information on the liberal arts; housing and dining; financial aid and billing; diversity, equity and inclusion; student success; and safety and well-being. 

Sign up for orientation events!

Students must complete the steps below before they can get their fall class schedule and meet with an advisor. New students who have paid a tuition deposit for fall 2020 will get an email from the Admissions office. It will include your student ID number and information on how to sign up for an Orientation and Registration event. 

Please note! If you want an advisor meeting in June, please complete the required steps below by Saturday, June 20. Students who complete the steps after June 20 will have their virtual advising meeting in July.

International students, start your steps here.

As you complete the steps below, we will communicate with you via your new Augustana email and any personal email addresses in your Admissions record. If you need to update your email addresses, please email our Admissions office.

Once you have completed these steps, watch for an email from with information on a virtual meeting with an advisor sometime in June. This meeting is separate from the orientation events above and gives you an opportunity to discuss your fall schedule and ask questions. You should plan to participate in the orientation events and the advisor meeting.

How to sign up for Orientation and Registration

First, you must complete the steps below. Have your student ID number handy. You received your ID number in a recent email from the Admissions office. If you can't find your ID number, please call our Admissions office at 309-794-7341.

STEP 1: Create your Augustana network account

Please note: This step must be completed in one sitting and just one time. Do not proceed with other steps until this one is complete.

Start here at

→ Click on "Setup Student or Employee Account"

→ Enter your student seven-digit ID number, including the leading zero.

→ Agree to the “Communication & Campus Tech Agreement” by clicking on the box.

→ Complete all of remaining steps to successfully set up your account. (Here are step-by-step instructions.)

At the end of this step, you’ll know your username and be enrolled in the password recovery system. If you have problems completing this step, please call our ITS Helpdesk at 309-794-7293 or email

(After you have successfully completed this step, you will be able to reset your password if you forget it. The reset link is at

STEP 2: Access your Augustana email account

Log in to your new student email account. Check your inbox frequently for information from the college. We will communicate with you about Orientation and Registration at this email address. If you have problems completing this step, please call our ITS Helpdesk at 309-794-7293 or email

Augustana email

STEP 3: Submit your Augustana ID Card photo

Upload a passport-style photo for your official Augustana ID Card. If you have further questions, email or call 309-794-7000.

Submit photo

STEP 4: Identify your emergency contacts

Augustana needs to have your emergency contact information on file.

Enter emergency contacts

STEP 5: Provide parents/guardians access to your bill

If you want to allow your parents or guardians to pay your bill, you must add them to your e-billing account as authorized payers. At the link below, click on your name, and then "Send a payer invitation." Here is a screenshot.

Your parent or guardian will receive an email from the system with login information. If you have problems completing this step, please call our Business Office at 309-794-7354.

Set up e-billing

STEP 6: Sign up for Augie Alerts

The Augie Alerts emergency notification system communicates emergency information related to Augustana to you by email, text messages, phone calls and voicemail. Your parents also may want to sign up.

Augie Alerts

STEP 7: Take the Readiness Survey

Take a few minutes to complete the Student Readiness Survey. Your answers to these questions help us understand how we might best support your success at Augustana. If you have problems completing this step, call our Orientation Helpline at 309-794-8010.

Student Readiness Survey

STEP 8: Complete the Dear First-Year Advisor form

This form helps your advisor learn a little about you before you meet in the fall. You will want to set aside 15-20 minutes to complete it, and it will be easiest to do using a laptop or desktop computer with a full keyboard.

It takes a few clicks to get to the Dear First-Year Advisor form. Use the link below to log into a program called Starfish with your Augustana username and password. (We’ll teach you more about Starfish when you arrive on campus in the fall.)

If you see a “How can we help?” message after you log in, you are in the right place!

Click on the “hamburger" menu (≡) on the upper left corner of the page.

Then, click on the drop-down arrow to the right of your name.

Click on "Intake" to complete the form.

Be sure to hit "Submit" when you’re done. If you have problems completing this step, call our Orientation Helpline at 309-794-8010.

Dear First-Year Advisor form

STEP 9: Let us know about your language study

Learn about Augustana's requirements for a second language and your options for language study. (Watch video). Then tell us about your previous language study. You may be required to take a language placement test. All students must choose one of five options available at this link.

Second language options

STEP 10: Share your interests and course preferences (not required for transfer students)

Before you share your interests and preferences with us, learn about the courses you'll take in your first year here.

Then complete the Course Interest Form. Based on your responses, we will create a fall semester schedule for you. At Orientation and Registration, you’ll meet with an advisor individually to review your schedule and make changes, if necessary.

Course Interest Form

You're almost done!

Within three business days of completing Steps 1-10, you’ll get an email confirming you are ready for Orientation and Registration. Your name will be added to the list of students who are ready for their fall schedule and a virtual advisor meeting. We will reach out to students in the order in which they complete the required steps. While we expect most students to have their advisor meetings in May or June, we will continue to work with new students on this process throughout the summer. 

We look forward to working with you!