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Residential Learning Experience

First-year students are invited to participate in a special opportunity at Augustana called a Residential Learning Experience (RLE). Students in an RLE enroll in courses together and live together as a community. 

RLEs provide a unique setting to meet and build friendships with service-oriented first-year students.

Men and women live on the same floor in Andreen Residence Hall. Men live on one end of the hall and women live at the other end. There are separate restrooms for men and women. 

RLE for 2018

In fall term, students in the RLE will take First-Year Inquiry 101 (3 credits), a required course for all first-year students, and First-Year Inquiry 100 (1 credit), a course focused on the transition to college and understanding a liberal arts education

Community Service

The focus of this RLE is serving the community in which we live. Students live, learn and serve the Quad Cities community as a group.

Students will take Social Ethics (PHIL-203, 3 credits) in the winter, which fulfills a Perspectives on Individuals and Society requirement of the liberal arts core curriculum. And students will take two other courses of their choosing in the fall.

Outside of class, students will participate in service projects in the community.

How to apply

  • Complete the RLE application. Applications are due June 30, 2018. Space is limited so apply early.
  • Be sure to choose the selection on your housing application: “I am open to living on a floor where males live at one end and females live at the other end” to participate in the RLE.
  • If you need special housing accommodations, complete the special accommodations request form.

Students selected to participate in the RLE will be notified in early July.

If you have questions, please email or call Chris Beyer, 309-794-2686.