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Reading/Writing Center faculty and tutors

tutors at banquet
Peer tutors and Reading/Writing Center staff at their end-of-the-year banquet in 2017.

The Reading/Writing Center is staffed by three faculty tutors and more than 20 peer tutors who have completed two terms of training and can help with all aspects of writing, as well as instruction in reading comprehension and study skills.

Whether you are a first-year or fourth-year student, the RWC and its tutors are here to help.

Faculty tutors

Lucas A. Street, director
Office: Gerber 424

Jake Romaniello, English language learning specialist
Office: Gerber 425

Farah Marklevits, assistant director
Office: Gerber 426

Peer tutors

2016 Cohort

Emma Samatas, '19

Sociology major

Jessica Lechtenberg, '19

Sociology and Public Health majors

Yemurai Mapurisa, '19

Accounting major

Katie Hayes, '19

English and Communication majors

Brandon Thompson, '19

Computer Science major

Daniel Williams, '19

Psychology major

2017 cohort

Mikaylo Kelly, '20

Food Justice major