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Tredway Library Prize for First-Year Research

The Tredway Library Prize for First-Year Research recognizes an outstanding research paper written by a first-year Augustana student for a class in the Liberal Studies or Honors sequence. The award promotes students' active engagement in the processes of library research and encourages them to synthesize library research skills with the reading, writing and critical thinking skills developed in the first-year sequence.

Amount of prize - $400

Qualifications - Papers must display evidence of substantial library research. Only papers written by first-year students in one of Augustana's first-year sequences will qualify. Eligible classes are:

  • First Year Inquiry: FYI 101, FYI 102, or FYI 103
  • Foundations: HONR 101, HONR 102, or HONR 103
  • Logos: HONR 126, HONR 122, or HONR 125

Applications - Students wishing to enter a research paper for consideration should submit the following:

  • A completed application form
  • Three copies of the paper, including bibliography (please do not put your name, your professor's name, or your course number anywhere on the paper)
  • Three copies of a two- to three-paragraph reflection written by the student about their research experience, including, but not limited to, skills employed and learned, problems encountered, and how those problems were addressed (please put the title of your research paper, but not your name, your professor's name, or your course number, on the reflection)
  • A copy of the course description for the class in which the paper was written.
  • A copy of the assignment sheet for the paper
  • Students must also request a statement of support from the faculty member for whom the paper was written. The statement should be submitted by the faculty member directly to Christine Aden, Head of Circulation, either in person or via campus mail or email.

Due date and timeline - All components of the application should be submitted at one time. The due date is the Friday of finals week in spring term. Applications should be submitted to the 2nd-floor circulation desk. Please note that electronic submissions will not be considered. A student may submit only one paper. To receive the prize, the student must return to Augustana for their sophomore year.

The prize will be awarded during the fall term of the following school year. The winning student will also be recognized at the Recognition of Student Honors in spring term of the following school year.

Criteria for Evaluation - Papers will be judged by a panel of two librarians and one member of the teaching faculty, according to the following criteria:

  1. The research paper displays its author's mastery of information literacy skills:
    • Student has located and obtained a wide variety of research materials
    • Student displays willingness to "dig" beyond the most obvious sources to find materials that are challenging to locate and/or employ; in other words, student clearly understands the processes and demands of in-depth research
    • Student has applied the research materials judiciously and synthesized them skillfully in service of the question his or her project addresses
  1. The research paper is well-written and well-organized
  2. The research paper takes a creative and original approach to its subject
  3. The research paper cites all sources consistently and correctly according to a standard citation style appropriate to its topic or discipline
  4. The two- to three-paragraph written reflection demonstrates growth in the student's research and information literacy skills

Augustana Digital Commons - The winning student will be asked for permission to publish their paper in Augustana Digital Commons.

Past Winners - Click on a winner's name to read their paper:

Devin Oliva-Farrell (2018)

Jack Harris (2017)

Rob Williams (2016)

Ninna Mendoza (2015)

Aaron Volk (2013)

Natali Bode (2012)

Maureen Zach (2011)

Scott Fick (2010)

Contact - For more information, please contact Christine Aden.