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Hannah Knuth: Claude Monet and immersive exhibits

Claude Monet

Claude Monet immersive exhibit

Senior Hannah Knuth is an art history and communication studies major and a multimedia journalism and mass communication minor from Rock Island, Ill.


My inquiry project explores the revival of Impressionism in the 21st century through the lens of Claude Monet. His magnificent artworks have been brought to life with the development of immersive museum exhibits, which have also impacted the display of other artists of this late 19th-century movement. 

Hannah Knuth

This project includes an examination of the communication and marketing tactics immersive exhibits use to draw audiences, as well as comparing past perceptions of Monet’s work with today's view of the artist. Therefore, I theorize that these immersive experiences have influenced museum culture to draw younger audiences and change public perception of Claude Monet and the artistic movement in a more emotional, impactful way.