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Riley Scranton: Artwork in the Brunner Theatre Center

Artwork in the Brunner Theatre Center

Brunner Theatre Center

Senior Riley Scranton is an art history and theatre major and psychology minor from Quincy, Ill.


Striving to combine both of my majors and passions, my project focuses on the artwork on display in the Brunner Theatre Center. The Brunner Theatre Center is home to the Department of Theatre Arts, along with the Main Stage, Honkamp Myhre Black Box, Campus Bookstore, Snack Bar, Esports Center, costume shop, and scene shop. After the building's renovation in 2016, several pieces from the school's art collection were placed on display. These pieces were selected due to their relevance to theater but have not been changed since 2016. In order to bring more life to the space and rotate in new work, my intention is to propose a new collection of works to be displayed in the lobby, along with providing contextual information about the collection, and drawing on evidence from research I have done on the importance of the Augustana College Art Collections and the Center for Visual Culture.

Riley Scranton