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Campus Update: Masking required indoors on campus

Aug. 9, 2021

Augustana College requires all students, faculty, staff and visitors to wear a mask in all indoor public areas on campus, effective immediately.

President Steve Bahls and Dean of Students Dr. Wes Brooks explained the college's updated COVID-19 policies in a campus briefing this morning. (Transcript)

"Public health guidance has changed as a result of the impact of the Delta variant and our policies must change, too," said President Bahls.

He said the college community is asked to wear a mask when indoors in public spaces off campus as well.

Important points

• The COVID-19 vaccine is strongly encouraged for all community members. Vaccinations will be available on campus this fall.

• Students and employees who choose not to vaccinate will be asked to assist with additional mitigation efforts, such as daily temperature checks, health screening and testing.

• While vaccination is not required at this time, it may be required for students who take part in particular programs or activities.

• Varsity student-athletes must indicate their vaccination status. Those who do not complete the vaccine survey may not be eligible to participate.

The college has asked enrolled students and current employees to register their vaccination status to help plan COVID policies.

Dr. Brooks said it appears that at least 83% of students and 76% of employees have or will have had their vaccinations by the return to campus.

Students and employees who have not registered their vaccination status may still do so.