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Martini Swingers

Martini Swingers is a dance club created to teach social dances to the students and staff of Augustana College.

In the fall, we focus on teaching swing and lindy hop. In the winter we switch to charleston, waltz and tango. In the spring, we cover dances such as salsa and bachata.

We want to encourage the Augustana community to get together and enjoy the thrills of dance. Any level of experience is welcome. Outside of just lessons, Martini Swingers participates in multiple other events such as BULX at Bradley University in November and our spring showcase at the and of Spring term along with a multitude of other events.

If you want to learn more about dance, you can follow our coach, Gunter Schlueter,to find out about lessons and event coming up

Want to take the club as a gym credit? Credit is offered for fall term and spring term so just sign up for the class on Arches as you would any other.


Martini Swingers is selling dance DVDs made by Gunter Schluter for $10. There are 23 different styles and each DVD has 36 steps in that style (12 beginner, 12 intermediate, and 12 advanced). Each step is demonstrated, showed in slow motion for the lead and the follow, showed in normal count and from three different angles. There are also technical tidbits for each step and bloopers reel to wrap it all up.

Print out the form, fill it out, and hand it off to any of the executive board members or to the mail box listed on the form.


Martini Swingers meets every Sunday in the Carriage House directly next to PepsiCo.

Beginner lessons are from 3-3:45 and intermediate lessons are from 4-4:45


In 1998, Brian Oster and Aubrey Purdy were know as the Swing Couple of Augustana. Word started to get around and the couple started hosting lessons in different houses on Sundays. It didn't take long for the club to form and in a few months, it was named Augustana Swing Club. 

While the the club is now called Martini Swingers, it is still dedicated to dancing and teaching new styles of dance every Sunday.

Coach: Gunter Schlueter

President:  Nicole Kasman

Advisor: Jeff Coussens
Phone: 309-794-7320


Martini Swingers Constitution