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Student health care information


Contact the coordinator of medical support if you miss classes or need assistance due to a personal or family health concern:

Michelle Mason, 309-794-2693

Augustana College has made arrangements with Unity Point-Trinity Medical Center and its subsidiary, Trinity Express Care Clinic, to provide around-the-clock health care to its students. (See map of Trinity locations)

Free transportation is provided to all health-care providers (includes dentists, optometrists, mental health providers and pharmacies) in the area.

Trinity Express Care Clinic, 106 19th Ave., Suite 103, Moline, Ill.,  309-779-7050

Students may use the services of Trinity Medical Center if necessary. The Trinity Express Care Clinic is recommended when experiencing typical cold symptoms or minor injuries. The clinic will refer students directly to Trinity Medical Center if the illness or injury is more serious.

In an emergency, use the emergency room at the West Campus of Trinity Medical Center or call an ambulance. Campus Security members are trained in CPR and first aid and will respond to emergencies.

Trinity Medical Center (West), 2701 17th St. Rock Island, Ill., 309-779-5000

Trinity Medical Center (7th St.) 500 John Deere Rd. Moline, Ill., 309-779-5000

Between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. Monday-Friday, students may use a free shuttle service provided by the college. During other hours, service is available with Lucky Cab Co. The taxi will pick students up within 30 minutes of a call and take them to the medical office free of charge. Students must show their  student IDs. 

College Health Care Shuttle, 309-781-5711

Lucky Cab Co., 309-788-8182

Walgreen's drugstore is on 30th Street in Rock Island. Osco Drug is on 1st Street and 20th Avenue in Moline. Both locations are close to the clinic and to campus.

Student insurance questions may be directed to Gallagher and Co. insurance.

Students are not obligated to obtain health care services from Trinity Medical Center or the Trinity Express Care Clinic.