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Types of accommodations

Students may qualify for many types of accommodations at Augustana College. Accommodations that have been provided to Augustana students include:

Extra time on tests, quizzes and in-class assignments: If students are typically given 60 minutes to take a test, a student with this accommodation will have 90 minutes.

Quiet and separate location for quiz or test: A student with this accommodation may take a quiz or a test in a different location without the presence of other students.

Reader: The test will be read to the student by the instructor, tutor, or a proctor.

Note takers: The professor will identify two students in the class who will share notes with the student who needs this accommodation.

Spelling and/or grammar exemption: Professors will not deduct points for spelling or grammar unless those are being evaluated.

Calculator: The student may use a calculator during a quiz or test unless the content is being evaluated.

Enlarged print: The professor will provide assignments, quizzes, and exams with larger print as specified.

No Scantrons: The student may write directly on the test.

eBooks: We do not provide eBooks. However, we will ask professors to provide a list of books ahead of time so that students who need eBooks can make arrangements ahead of time.

Beverage/food in class: The student may bring food or beverage to class.

Ability to leave class: The student may leave class at any time during a class period without penalty due to a medical reason.

Second language substitution: The student may substitute Augustana’s two-course second language requirement with two culture courses from an approved list.

Math substitution: The student may substitute Augustana’s Quantitative Literacy requirement with a 3-credit Personal Finance course or a 3-credit Logic course.

Quantitative literacy substitution: The student may substitute Augustana’s quantitative literacy requirement with a course from an approved list.

FM systems for hard of hearing: The Augustana Center for Speech, Language, and Hearing loans  students an FM system each term. The student must return the FM system upon leaving Augustana.

Allergies: Residential life, dining services and faculty provide accommodations to students with allergies.

For more information on the types of accommodations Augustana offers, including those not listed above, contact Yen Dao.