A Week in the Life of an Augie Senior

Chelsea Meyer
Chelsea Meyer
October 21, 2019


My Mondays are like a lot of people’s Mondays — long. I have my first class, constitutional law, in the middle of campus in Old Main. I can’t complain though because this is my favorite building at Augustana. It was recently renovated and has the most beautiful views of every angle of campus.
As I leave class with a friend, we climb to the hillside of campus to the Gerber Center for lunch. On Mondays, they have the pasta bar open. The pasta bar makes everyday better because you get to specialize your pasta. 
My pasta always consists of Alfredo sauce, carrots, spinach, and chicken. And I never forget to grab a breadstick as I walk to sit down and eat. 
Once we’re done eating, we leave the Gerber Center to walk across campus to Sorensen, one of the oldest buildings. 
While there I pick up my mail and attend my last class of the day. This class only lasts an hour and it flies by. When class is over, I head to the library for the afternoon. 
I don’t have a ton of homework for the week, but I have discovered that it’s always a good idea to get ahead. 
At 6 p.m. every Monday night, I have a meeting in the Gerber Center for Greek Council. I am on the executive board, so I spend a lot of time at these meetings. 
By 8 p.m. I’m finally able to head home and make dinner. I see my roommates for the first time all day and we quickly fill in each other in about how our days went. 
We all have different schedules and different majors, so our days always have something unique that others don’t have. Unfortunately, we soon realize that it’s close to midnight and head our separate ways for bed. 



My Tuesdays are always fun. I start my day with ceramics, who wouldn’t love that? Although this is a two-hour class it always ends a lot quicker than I expect. 
I wouldn’t consider myself an artist or even good at ceramics, but I enjoy creating new projects with my hands. After ceramics, I take a quick 3-minute walk home. 
I like to eat my lunch at home because I live so close to the art studio. For lunch, I make avocado toast because it is still early in the day, and there’s never a bad time to eat avocado toast. 
After lunch, I head to my next class where I’m back in my favorite building, Old Main. In this class I learn a lot about ancient philosophers. This isn’t my favorite topic, but it is one of my favorite professors so I try my best to focus. 



On Wednesday morning, I wake up early to go to the Brew by the Slough at the Gerber center. I get a black coffee and a bagel while using the Viking bucks I pre-loaded on my student ID card. 
I eat my bagel in the brew area and relax for a couple minutes before I start my day. This relaxing time ends sooner than I want. It’s already time for class. 
My class ends early so I head to the college center with a friend. In the college center, we grab lunch. Lunch here is the best on campus because it’s all fried food. 
I try not to go here too often because I know it’s not the healthiest option for me, but I’ve decided that I can treat myself to a chicken sandwich and mozzarella sticks today. 
Once I am done, I head to Sorensen to attend my last class of the day. Once class is over, I check my schedule and notice that I have time for a nap.  
I never used to take naps, but being a college student has taught me to sleep when I can! I wake up just in time to head to my sorority meeting at 5:30 pm. This is where I get to see all my sisters and catch up from the previous week.
After the meeting, a small group of us head to dinner off campus. My roommate Kelli, gets to pick this week and she chose one of her local favorites, Steel Plow.  I was not upset about this choice at all because they have crazy delicious milkshakes!
The milkshakes are amazing, but enormous so we try and eat little of our entree to save room for our milkshakes.  Sometimes this works, sometimes it doesn’t. 
After dinner, we head home to finish our homework. Luckily, I don’t have too much homework so I’m able to get to bed early, which I try to take advantage of when I can. 



I start my day back in the art studio finishing my ceramics projects. This week I made new handles for my mugs.  
I’m excited to finish my mugs because I know these will make the perfect Christmas presents for my friends and family. They won’t be the prettiest gifts, but I think they’ll enjoy the effort I put into them. 
Once class is done, I head home to wash up and make lunch. Sometimes lunch consists of microwavable mac and cheese, and today is one of those days. But, that's okay because what’s better than cheesy noodles? Not a lot in my opinion. 
After I finish eating, I head to my last class of the day. This class can be hard to stay focused on   because of my full stomach from lunch. But, I make it through without falling asleep which is a big accomplishment for the day. 
After making it through my class, I head home for the rest of the night. Once I’m home, I run upstairs to see if anyone else is home. This has lead me to spend the next 2 hours watching Halloweentown with my roommate, Colleen. 



I wake up a little earlier than normal because I like to treat myself to Dunkin’ Donuts for a coffee before class. It’s Friday, so why not?!
Luckily for Augustana students our new Dunkin’ Donuts is a quick drive off campus and it takes me a quick 10 minutes to get my coffee and get back before class starts. 
I only have one class on Fridays this semester. This can make going to class difficult sometimes, but it’s worth it and I have my Dunkin’. 
Class is over before I know it so I head home for lunch, but before I get home I have a phone call from my friend who invites me over for lunch. 
She makes me pasta with zucchini and squash, and it is delicious. I always love a meal that I don’t have to cook. 
I enjoy the rest of a relaxing afternoon. As the night approaches, I get ready to head out to my favorite fraternity house outside of campus. I join my friends and enjoy a night out.  



It’s finally the weekend! I grab some friends and we head to the football game where we cheer on our favorite Vikings to a win. 
As usual, the Midwest weather makes us dress for three seasons as we watch the game. I started the football game with two layers and my rain boots, but by the end of the game I am down to just my favorite Viking t-shirt and sunglasses.
But being surrounded by our peers and fellow fans makes it all worth it. The game is over and we head home to change for dinner. 
We head downtown to the Rock Island District for dinner. A favorite of mine, El Patron Mexican Restaurant, warms us all up with fresh chips and salsa. 




On Sunday morning, my roommates and I pile into a car and head to Hurts Donuts in Bettendorf, IA. The best place for a morning sweet tooth! It’s a far drive, but always worth it. 
Hurts Donuts is known for their fun twist on delicious donuts. My favorite is their cookie monster donut that is chocolate, blue frosting, and has Oreos crumpled on top. Saying that this donut is delicious is an understatement.   
We all buy extras of our favorite donuts to eat for the next couple of mornings and load up the car to head back home. Unfortunately, we face the harsh reality of how much homework we have for the upcoming week.
Our weekend fun is coming to an end. We stop at home and grab our backpacks to take to the library where we will be spending the rest of our Sunday. 


Chelsea Meyer
Chelsea Meyer

Chelsea Meyer is a senior from Roscoe, IL. She is double majoring in Communication Studies and Multimedia Journalism & Mass Communication while on the Pre-Law track. 

On campus she's involved with Greek Council as the service chair, a member of the Delta Chi Theta Sorority, and a member of the Women’s Golf Team.