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Come and see for yourself!

Come and see for yourself!

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Amanda Schar
More Than I Imagined Amanda Schar
“I love that anywhere I go on campus, I see a friendly face.”
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Students at the Reading/Writing Center

A future zookeeper, dentist and researcher walk into a Reading/Writing Center...

What Emma Baldwin ’13, Jacob Groselak ’15 and Mayu Oya ’16 learned as tutors is helping them in their varied careers.

Dr. Michelle Wolff, Ngan Vu, Thao Chu

They wanted a Womanist dictionary. So they wrote it.

Two students from Vietnam saw how they could explain Womanism to a broader audience. 

computer classroom

Data analytics + the liberal arts = good business intelligence

Augustana’s timely new major and minor extend from time-honored academic programs.