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Student Life

Our students do a lot more than study

See for yourself!

Sure, you’ll consider big questions, in and outside of class.

You’ll also spend a lot of time thinking things like, Should I join a Greek group? How can I find a drummer for my band? Who’s going to ‘Live on Campus’ tonight? What’s for dinner?

Augustana’s campus is residential, which means you’ll live where you learn. Students here are good at balancing studies with everything else they like to do. And there is plenty to do: nearly 200 student groups, with new activities added every year, depending on the interests of about 2,500 individuals.

Here, everything you do is related, and it all adds up to the person you’ll be after you graduate. And no matter what you try, or how you apply your curiosity and energy, people are here to help you succeed. 

That’s the beauty of a residential campus, and a community that cares about both your learning and your day-to-day life.


Student's app makes ride-calling easier

Kyle Workman, a senior at Augustana, spent his summer developing an app to make hitching a ride on the college's shuttle service easier for his classmates. 

Alumni letters welcome new students

Alumni are invited to send a greeting to the Class of 2022 in a short letter. Yes, a real printed letter to give them advice, tell them things they should know or simply send best wishes! The letters will be placed in the students' rooms for them to find when they arrive on campus in August.