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Student Counseling Service

Counseling fosters growth in mind, body, and spirit through introspection and exploration of a student’s mental life.

We provide a safe, supportive environment where students discuss their assumptions about the world and any concerns that interfere with their well-being. The goal of counseling services is to help students develop a more accurate and realistic perception of themselves and others.

We offer a variety of services to help students thrive at college and instill resiliency and meaning in their lives. We also refer students to off-campus resources if needed.

Any student will benefit from counseling services, but the type of service may differ based on the need and readiness of the student to change. All information is confidential and will not be shared without the student’s expressed written consent.

To make an appointment, call 309-794-7357, email, or drop by Founders Hall room 206.

Types of service

  • Consultation
  • Group psycho-educational workshops
  • Group counseling
  • Short-term individual therapy
  • Long-term individual therapy
  • Crisis counseling
  • Outside referrals

Working together

Counseling is all about the effort a student puts into therapy. We want you to be satisfied with the experience and to leave counseling with a sense of hope, agency, and connectedness to the world.

We encourage students to work with us to set goals to determine the focus of treatment. We also encourage students to voice any concerns or questions about their treatment or our policies through constructive feedback.

Before a student comes to our office, we recommend becoming acquainted with the counseling process.