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The Learning Commons

The Learning Commons is the place for all academic support needs. Whether you need help editing your research paper, searching for a Spanish tutor, improving your study skills or developing English language skills, we're here to help!

The Learning Commons is on the third and fourth floor of the Gerber Center and includes the Reading/Writing Center (Room 423), Student Success Services (Room 439), and the Office of Disability Services (Room 314). For general inquiries, contact

Learning Commons

The Learning Commons includes:

• The Reading/Writing Center for advice on written work and help with course readings

• Tutoring services for help with departmental course content

• Study skills workshops and one-on-one coaching for time management, stress management, test-taking success, and more

• Support for English Language Learners and non-native speakers of English

• Academic accommodations for students with disabilities

For non-academic student support resources, please see Student Life.

Civil Discourse Series

The Civil Discourse Series will include several events throughout the semester to encourage civility on campus. Read more about them.

Well-Being Labs

The Office of Well-Being and Resiliency, Student Counseling and the Learning Commons will offer a series of Well-Being Labs for spring semester, covering depression, anxiety, time management, goal-setting and resiliency.

All sessions run from 3:30-4:30 p.m. in Olin 109.

'Managing Depression' with William Iavarone

"Managing Depression" explores the beliefs and thoughts that underlie feelings of depression and teaches different ways to challenge those beliefs and thoughts through cognitive and behavioral change.

Dates are Feb. 11 and 18, and April 23 and 29.

'Anxiety Management 101' with Alyssa Matz and Allison Mirell

Alyssa Matz and Allison Mirell are student counselors. They will discuss what anxiety is and how it presents itself mentally, physically and emotionally. Learn about common anxiety symptoms and how to manage them and the benefits of proper sleep hygiene.

Dates are Feb. 13, 20, 27; March 17 and 31; and April 7.

'Foundations of Mindfulness' with Jake Romaniello

Jake Romaniello from the Learning Commons will offer the weekly series "Foundations of Mindfulness" in March.

March 3: "Mindfulness in the Body: Discovering your Body’s Voice." Living life as an out-of-body experience is stressful. This session guides students through practices that connect mind and body, bringing about a greater sense of wholeness and well-being.

March 5: "Mindfulness in Feelings:Dealing with Difficult Emotions." Depression and anxiety are unavoidable. This session with give guidance and opportunities to cultivate happiness and practice powerful antidotes to sticky emotions like sadness and fear.

March 10: "Mindfulness in Thoughts: Exterminating the ANTS (Automatic Negative Thoughts)." Living with ANTS seems natural, but it doesn't have to be. Students will learn how to change stressful thoughts into more productive thoughts.

March 12: "Hindrances of Mindfulness: From Suffering to Well-being." Students will learn to identify triggers that lead away from mindful awareness.

'Reset: Resiliency in Action' with Farrah Roberts

Farrah Roberts is the director of student resiliency and well-being. "Reset: Resiliency in Action" includes hands-on activities and tools to help students strengthen their ability to cope with the challenges of college life.

Dates are April 9 and 16.

'Make it OK: Mental Health 101' with Farrah Roberts

"Make it OK" is an opportunity to learn, talk and share about how to begin changing attitudes and negative perceptions of mental illness.

Dates are April 14 and 21.

Time management, stress reduction and goal-setting with Yen Dao

Yen Dao is the director of student success services, Learning Commons.

Feb. 25: Time Management for the Stressed Augie Student. 

March 19: Adult Coloring to Relieve Stress. Experience one of the most popular methods of relieving stress by joining a session of adult coloring. 

April 2: Goal-Setting for Success. The first step to success is to set goals. Join a session of effective goal-setting. 

April 28: Laugh Out Loud. Laughter is an effective method of reducing stress. Join the group for an hour full of laughter.