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Public Safety

Tom Phillis
Chief Tom Phillis chats with students.

309-794-7711 (Emergency calls)

309-794-7000 (Non-emergency)

Update April 2020

The Office of Police and Public Safety remains on campus and is fully operational.  

Officers are able to assist students in providing access to retrieve belongings from residential facilities or storage areas. Call 309-794-7000.

The Augustana College Express Service (ACES) and the medical shuttle will be operating until further notice.

Contact Public Safety

Any member of the Augustana community is welcome to contact Public Safety to express concerns, opinions, or suggestions related to issues of safety or security on the campus. The following people are available to assist you:

Tom Phillis, Chief of Public Safety/Police, 309-794-7279. He is responsible for all areas relating to public safety. A.C.E.S. and Medical Driver programs, and the Student Public Safety Corps.

Mark Beckwith, Deputy Chief of Public Safety/Police, 309-794-7428. He is responsible for all areas relating to public safety, and is designated as campus emergency planning director.