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Mental health screenings

If you are concerned about having a mental health disorder, the following self-screening tools can be informative. These screenings do not replace a formal diagnosis or a consultation with a professional; however, these screenings may lead you to recognize where some of your discomfort stems from or help you research self-help materials.

Counseling Center Assessment of Psychological Symptoms (CCAPS-Screen)

This screening tool is a user-friendly measure for non-mental health clinicians to determine if you have moderate to severe stress in a variety of different areas (depression, generalized anxiety, social anxiety, academic distress, eating concerns, frustration, family distress, and alcohol use).

Feedback from this screening will help you navigate the self-help sections as well as tell you whether you should seek out more intensive therapeutic interventions. The CCAPS-screen is directly related to the formal CCAPS assessment administered in counseling services.

Counseling Services highly recommends you complete this screening before navigating your mental health treatment at Augustana College (i.e., before searching for self-help, before setting up an appointment, before using any of the screening tools below for mental health disorders), as the screening provides an anchor to work from and helps you appropriately determine the most helpful treatment or information.

Navigating campus resources: With your screening results as a guide, use this document to access the appropriate intervention or service at Augustana College for your mental health needs.

Note to faculty and staff: Please, refer a student to this screening when a student comes to you with mental health concerns. Furthermore, if you and the student are comfortable with looking at the results together, the screening is easily understood and will help you refer them to most beneficial resource on campus, i.e., advising, CORE, residential life, student success services, student counseling services, etc.

Here is example of a CCAPS screening response.

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