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Recertification process, April 2020

The purpose of the Greek Life Chapter Recertification Process is to ensure that Augustana College sororities and fraternities are aligned with college expectations and Greek Life standards.

The recertification process offers an opportunity for a thorough, systematic, impartial, community-based examination, evaluation and self-evaluation of how effectively a chapter is working.

The Greek Life Chapter Recertification will occur in two parts: Part I is a safety/risk management review, and Part II is a review of the mission, values, scholarship, leadership, service and social development opportunities offered by the organization.

This two-part review will help to ensure that the chapter operations and activities remain consistent with and supportive of the mission and community principles of Augustana College.

(Read the entire recertification plan)

Public comment

As part of the process, community members will have the ability to submit written comments about the chapter under recertification during a specific time period.

These comments may not be submitted anonymously, will not be shared publicly, and will be submitted electronically through the Greek Life web page. These comments will be made available to the Recertification Team.

At any time during the process, the Recertification Team Chair may request additional information (writing or verbally) from people who submitted comments. Information regarding student disciplinary matters will not be provided to the Recertification Team beyond
the aggregated numbers of violations of chapter members.

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Current disciplinary action

 The Phi Omega Phi fraternity was suspended as of Feb. 21, 2020, pending the Greek Life Chapter Review process, after accepting responsibility for violating the Student Code of Conduct during the informal recruitment process. That review is anticipated to conclude in 4-8 weeks but could take longer.

The results of that review will indicate the future of that organization with a standing determination that could range from meeting expectations to failing to meet expectations resulting in actions such as lengthier suspension or loss of charter.

The suspension is one of many sanctions imposed for this violation including the fraternity not being eligible for a new member class this year, monetary fines, numerous educational trainings, regular meetings with the Dean of Students Office, and probation through 20-21.