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Biochemistry is ideal preparation for graduate study in many fields.

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 John Le '16
John Le '16 received a National Science Foundation summer grant to work with Dr. Jose Boquin.

Augustana offers a major and a minor in biochemistry. 

Biochemistry is ideal for the student interested in the chemistry of living things and the close examination of the molecules that carry out such functions as metabolism, movement, and gene expression.

A degree in biochemistry prepares a student for many fields beyond biochemistry or biomedical sciences, as it is the core basis for many more applied fields such as biotechnology, molecular genetics, immunology, pharmacology, toxicology and forensic science. A biochemistry major is ideal preparation for graduate study in such applied fields.

The degree is also appropriate for students interested in health professions (i.e. medicine, dentistry), as well as students interested in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries.

A biochemistry background is useful for students interested in business, law, regulation, journalism or technical writing related to the molecular life sciences.

The biochemistry major includes courses in chemistry, biology, mathematics and physics.

allison pease

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