Why I chose Augustana College

Adele Eberhardt
Adele Eberhardt
February 9, 2024

From the first day I visited, I knew Augustana was the school for me. I visited Augustana  in November 2022 and as soon as I arrived, I felt welcomed. During my college decision-making process, what really stood out to me was how great my campus tour was. The interactions I had with the people around campus, especially my tour guide, significantly impacted my decision to attend. At that time, there were already eight other schools I was considering. 

I had not planned to attend a school so far from my home in Colorado, but Augustana turned out to be the best choice for me. I always knew that I wanted to major in speech-language pathology, so I was concentrating on schools that offered this program. Choosing Augustana was the best choice for my education, and I am so grateful I decided to attend.  

Another great aspect of being an out-of-state student is learning to be independent. Even though I am only in my first year at Augustana, I already feel like I’ve learned a lot about myself and living on my own. For example, I have learned about time management. Sometimes I need to prioritize doing homework over going out with friends. There will always be fun things to do, but it’s important that I remember why I am here, which is to do well in school. 

As great as independence is, being an out-of-state student can be hard. It’s hard being thousands of miles away from home and missing my family. A lot of times, my in-state friends will drive home on the weekends to see their families, and I sometimes wish I could too. Unfortunately, 850 miles isn’t exactly your casual weekend road trip.

Despite the occasional homesickness, being an out-of-state student has allowed me to build stronger  connections and meet more people. The connections that I’ve made and the amazing opportunities that I’ve had have made Augustana my home away from home. I have been able to form relationships with other out-of-state students. I have met several students who are also from Colorado, and I plan to fly home sitting next to one of my friends. 

There is an out-of-state engagement group that meets once a month and provides food from the Quad-Cities area. Another out-of-state student at Augustana runs this campus group. At the last event, she provided a helpful guide with activities and fun places around the area. For example, this group takes students to places in the area, such as Snowstar ski resort. 

Overall, I really enjoy attending Augustana, and I wouldn’t change anything. Augustana has provided me with great opportunities and great memories already. I am so happy to be here. I can’t wait to see what I will accomplish.

Adele Eberhardt
Adele Eberhardt

Adele Eberhardt is a first-year student from Erie, Colo.