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Quad City Promise Scholarship

$2,000 for new applicants from the Quad Cities

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Stay close to home without sacrificing a nationally ranked college experience.

→ Augustana College is one of the top 100 liberal arts colleges in the nation

→ As a local student, you can live at home or on campus.

Students from Quad Cities area high schools are invited to take a closer look at Augustana through the $2,000 Quad City Promise Scholarship

Students from the following counties are eligible:

In Iowa: Scott

In Illinois: Rock Island, Henry and Mercer

Augustana’s $2,000 Quad City Promise Grant is renewable for up to four years, and is in addition to up to $28,000 in merit awards offered by the college. Students also are eligible for the $4,000 Campus Visit Grant  and all other talent-based and need-based financial aid.

Apply to Augustana

More Than I Imagined Alejandra Raya
“The Spanish and French language departments have always pushed me to challenge myself and to take advantage of my college experience.”
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You might be surprised to find that you don't have to attend a large university or East Coast college to get the experience you’ve always imagined. You can do it all right here at Augustana, the Quad Cities’ only nationally ranked liberal arts college.