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2017 Good Fit scholarship winners announced

Augustana College announces the 2017 Good Fit T-shirt photo contest winners. Incoming first-year students can win one of several $1,000 scholarships. For their photos, students must wear the Augustana T-shirt they received when visiting campus. Nearly 100 entries were received.

The Good Fit web page has all the photos and accompanying captions. Contest categories include: "Action Shot," "In a Famous Location," "At Another College" and "With An Alumnus."

The competition is a fun way Augustana can get to know the potential members of its incoming class while also spreading the word about the college.

"If the Good Fit pictures are any indication the class of 2021 promises to be one of the best yet at Augustana College," said Meghan Cooley, director of recruitment communications and a 1999 Augustana graduate. "We were so impressed by the creativity, thoughtful captions and fun photos. Being part of this contest gets me excited for this new group of Augustana students!

"From Colorado mountain tops to Disney World, from baseball to fire trucks, it's been a great year for the Good Fit contest."

People’s Choice

Winner: Natalie Smith, Bartlett, Ill. (2,529 votes)
Honorable mention: Skye Brugler, Frankfort, Ill. (2,000 votes)

natalie smith
Natalie Smith from Bartlett, Ill., won the 2017 Good Fit T-shirt contest People's Choice Award. She totaled 2,529 votes.

Action Shot

Winner: Brian Stapleton, Lockport, Ill.
Honorable mention: Kara Auchstetter, New Lenox, Ill.
Honorable mention: Ashley Bosch, Homer, Ill.

brian stapleton
Brian Stapleton from Lockport, Ill., won the 2017 Good Fit T-shirt contest for Best Action Shot.

At Another College

Winner: Noah Patterson, Mattoon, Ill.
Honorable mention: Emily Brooks, Plainfield, Ill.
Honorable mention: Julian Pacheco, Springfield, Mo.

noah patterson
Noah Patterson from Mattoon, Ill., won the 2017 Good Fit T-shirt contest in the At Another College category.

Famous location

Winner:  Steven Merdian, Chillicothe, Ill.
Honorable mention: Brandon Johnson, Colorado City, Colo.
Honorable mention: Kate McHugh, Palatine, Ill.

steven merdian
Steven Merdian from Chillicothe, Ill., won the 2017 Good Fit T-shirt contest in the Famous Location category. He's shown in the Jordan city of Petra.

With an Alum

Winner: Victoria Jenkins, Chicago
Honorable mention: Alex Bryan, Kewanee, Ill.
Honorable mention: Olivia Hogenkamp, Lakewood, Colo.

victoria jenkins
Victoria Jenkins from Chicago won the 2017 Good Fit T-shirt contest in the With an Alum category. She's shown with her mother, a 1982 graduate.

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