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Apply to be SAGA's editor-in-chief by May 17

SAGA's editor-in-chief is the only position for which applications are sought in the year preceding the assignment. The editor-in-chief's responsibility is to see that SAGA is published twice yearly and that it is of as high a quality as possible both in content and in editorial procedures. 

SAGA is a student magazine, so students make nearly all the decisions and do nearly all the work. The faculty advisors (Rebecca Wee and Kelly Daniels) advise, and the editor reports regularly to the advisors to confirm that the work is being done in a timely manner. The editor-in-chief is responsible for staff recruitment and selection (subject to review by the advisor), and for ensuring that the staff is working effectively and amicably. 

Typically, each year's staff is organized a little differently, and there is some freedom in arrangements and job descriptions. Decisions begin and end with the editor-in-chief, and the editor-in-chief and the staff together have an obligation to make decisions and to manage SAGA equitably and honestly, as a showcase for all the best work being done at Augustana. 

To apply, complete the application (PDF) and return it to Rebecca Wee by Friday, May 17.

Information provided on the application will be kept confidential and read only by members of the English Department and creative writing faculty who are responsible for selecting the editor(s)-in-chief each spring.


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