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promoted faculty

Promoted faculty includes, from top left, Dr. Sarah Lashley, Dr. Jessica Schultz, Dr. William (Bill) Peterson, Dr. Kimberly Murphy,  Dr. Jacob Romaniello and Dr. M. Wolff; from bottom left, Dr. Lucy Burgchardt, Dr. Todd Miller, Donna Hare, Dr. Elizabeth Lawrence and Stacy Barton.  

Augustana celebrates faculty promotion and scholarship

Augustana College announces the advancement of 11 faculty members, including the awarding of tenure and promotions.

“Augustana prides itself on engaged faculty who know their fields and their students deeply,” said Provost Dr. Dianna Shandy. “We are proud as an institution to call these faculty members our own, and we know they will continue to make meaningful contributions to both their academic fields and Augustana’s community of learners.”

The promotion of faculty was approved by the Augustana Board of Trustees at the on-campus meetings held on May 9-10. In addition to issuing these approvals, the board participated in a panel discussion on shared governance and discussed the college’s campus master plan. Led by Chief Financial Officer Kirk Anderson, the campus master plan prioritizes providing impactful educational experiences. It is expected to be finalized later this year. 

In all, 37 members serve on the college’s Board of Trustees, with members issuing guidance on current and future decisions to maintain Augustana’s position as a premier national liberal arts college with an emphasis on shaping students in mind, body and spirit.

“Seeing faculty advance in their positions means a richer Augustana,” said President Andrea Talentino. “These faculty members have published academic papers, presented research and made other scholarly contributions to their fields and, in turn, that means a more vibrant instructional experience for our students.”

Faculty promoted to full professor

– Dr. Kimberly Murphy, biology

– Dr. Jessica Schultz, psychology and neuroscience

Faculty awarded tenure 

– Stacy Barton, theatre and film

Faculty awarded tenure and promoted to associate professor

– Dr. Lucy Burgchardt, communication studies

– Dr. Sarah Lashley, environmental studies

– Dr. Elizabeth Lawrence, history

Dr. M. Wolff, religion

Faculty promoted to associate professor, non-tenure track

– Dr. Todd Miller, chemistry and biochemistry

– Dr. William (Bill) Peterson, physics, engineering and astronomy

– Dr. Jacob Romaniello, English, Learning Commons

 Faculty promoted to assistant professor, non-tenure track

– Donna Hare, communication studies

In addition to faculty advancements, the college is closing the academic year by reflecting on the remarkable faculty research and scholarship from 2023-2024. In addition to the highlighted scholarship below, a list of top scholarship achievements is available at

Dr. Khalil Andani, assistant professor of religion, published "The Living Words of God: Al-Muʾayyad al-Shīrāzī's Shīʿī Ismaili Theory of Revelation" in Global Intellectual History on Feb. 2, 2023. The piece studies the Qur’anic revelation of theology of al-Muʾayyad fī l-Dīn al-Shīrāzī, the highest-ranking Fatimid dāʿī and Ismaili philosophical theologian of his era. Read the abstract.

Dr. Katherine Brown, assistant professor of sociology, together with Dr. Patrick R. Cundiff, Western Michigan University assistant professor of sociology, published "Course-Based Undergraduate Research Experiences as a Potential CURE-All for Applied Research Training and Real-World Knowledge Acquisition," in the Journal of Criminal Justice Education on Nov. 17, 2023. The piece focuses on the development and implementation of an advanced undergraduate research methods course offered in fall 2020 and 2022. Read the abstract.

Dr. Shaun Edmonds, assistant professor of kinesiology, published “Make America Fit Again: CrossFit's Articulation with Authoritarian Populism,” with Palgrave Macmillan in 2023. The book examines the unorthodox methods of the fitness movement and considers its future. Read more about this book.

Dr. Rupa G. Gordon, associate professor of psychology and neuroscience, published "Reducing Brain Injury Misconceptions and Willingness to Risk Concussion with a Three-Week Introductory-Level Neuroscience Course,” in the Journal of Undergraduate Neuroscience Education, in fall 2023. The piece focuses on an introductory-level immersive three-week course offered during January term that involved both first-year students and non-majors. Read the abstract.

Dr. Kiki Kosnick, associate professor of French, published, "In Solidarity: The Coalitional Work of Gender Justice and Language Education," in The Modern Language Journal in fall 2023. The piece advocates for integrating gender justice and language education, particularly in the classroom, to foster a sense of belonging and self-articulation for all students. Read the abstract.

Dr. Brian Leech, associate professor of history, published “Canary in a Coal Mine: From Mine Safety Technique to Animal Metaphor,” in the Comparative American Studies: An International Journal in November 2023. The piece examines how the coal mine canary continues to be a presence in popular culture. Read the abstract.


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