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Legacy students

Three of the Augustana employees with their Class of 2026 students (left to right): Rachel Zimmerman '92 Gustafson, Grace Gustafson '26, Estlin Feigley '93, Georgi Feigley '26, Ava Coussens '26 and Jeff Coussens '80.

Class of 2026's top majors? Computer science, business, biology

Augustana’s Class of 2026 is moving in on Friday, Sept. 2. Here’s a snapshot of these future changemakers:

The 683 students come from 22 states and 33 countries. The most common countries, not counting the United States, are Ethiopia and Nepal. The most common state, behind Illinois and Iowa, is Colorado. 

Nearly half of the students in the class are either students of color from the United States or an international student.

For the second consecutive fall, Emma/Emily (8) is a popular name among the incoming class, but Abby/Abbey/Abbie (9) takes the top spot, followed by Grace/Gracie (8) and Ben/Benjamin (8). 

Computer science is the top intended major for the Class of 2026. Business, biology and pre-med are next in line.

145 students participated in the Justice and Social Change Microscholarship Program. These students engaged in constructive dialogue about justice before ever enrolling at Augustana.

One-third of the class are recruited student-athletes, and one-third of the class has indicated an interest in the arts (music, theatre, fine arts). 

Forty-six students have at least one parent who now walks the Quad as an Augustana graduate. Seven of these legacy students have a parent who graduated from Augustana and has returned to campus, as a current employee.

Immediately after moving in on Sept. 2, members of the Class of 2026 will begin Welcome Week activities with plenty of opportunities to get to know each other and their way around campus. Fall semester classes begin on Sept. 6.

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