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'From Covfefe to Dark Brandon' lecture on Nov. 29

On Wednesday, Nov. 29, 4:30 p.m., in Denkmann's Wallenberg Hall, Augustana alumna Alicia Oken '13, who serves as the social media platforms director for the Democratic National Committee, will present a lecture: "From Covfefe to Dark Brandon: How Social Media Shapes Political Campaigns."

At a time when Americans are cutting cable TV in record numbers and even fewer people get newspapers in print, social media is more important than ever for political candidates up and down the ballot to not only be on, but invest in. From President Barack Obama's first posting to Myspace to the Biden-Harris campaign joining Twitch, social media has helped politicians tell their personal story, show contrast to their opponents and reach voters where they are.

But in a world where news is filtered for users by social media algorithms and people are constantly bombarded with notifications across multiple devices, how do political candidates break through to voters online? Oken, who manages one of the world's largest megaphones for Democratic messaging, dives into how social media optimization and iteration helps candidates bring in volunteers, money and votes.

Presented by the Stanley Erickson Lecture in Public Affairs and the Department of Political Science.


Xiaowen Zhang, 309-794-8954

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