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Departmental open houses in February, March

First-year students are eligible to declare a major now. Plan now to attend the open house for your major or program.

List of departmental open houses

Students who began at Augustana this semester or in January term are not eligible to declare a major until fall 2023.

Declaring a major means giving notice to the college of the major program(s) you plan to pursue. 

Why declare now?

•  Begin working with an advisor (an expert) in your major department.
•  Become eligible for courses in the major (such as BUSN courses) before fall registration.
•  Students in certain majors (such as education) qualify for more credits each academic year.
•  You can change your mind and drop/change majors in the future.

Steps you need to complete by Friday, March 24:

Explore your intended major by attending a departmental open house, reading about the major, and reviewing course requirements for the major. 

Complete and submit the program change form under "Student Forms" by 4:30 p.m. Friday, March 24.

Check your progress report in Arches for confirmation of your major declaration and your new advisor's name. It may take up to five days (or longer during peak times) for this information to appear on your progress report.

Meet with your new major advisor(s) to register for the fall semester. Your major advisor(s) is the only person who can clear your advisor restriction after you declare.

If you turn in your form after March 24, you must meet with your first-year advisor prior to fall registration. To see all important dates and deadlines related to registration see the academic calendar.

If you are uncertain about your major, you do not have to declare now. You have until the end of your sophomore year (or at the point you have earned 60 credits) to declare. You will continue working with your first-year advisor on your academic plans. Your advisor must clear your advisor restriction each term.

For help choosing a major or career path, talk with your advisor or contact Keri Bass, assistant director of vocational exploration.

If you have news, send it to! We love hearing about the achievements of our alumni, students and faculty.