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Kristy Blue mines for Augustana gold in California

In August, Kristy Lear Blue joined the Augustana College admissions staff in a new position: director of admissions–West Coast. She will lead Augustana’s effort to develop a recruitment footprint in California and other western states.

For Augustana, Blue will create name recognition among students, college counselors, community-based organizations and others involved in the college counseling process. She will work with alumni in California and other western states, and will have periodic responsibilities on the Rock Island campus.

She will travel to meet and interview prospective students from California, Arizona, Oregon, Washington and Hawaii.

Executive Vice President W. Kent Barnds says, “She has the energy and experience to spread the word of Augustana in the west, and I am confident she will inspire students from that region to commit to Augustana.”

Meet Kristy

Hometown: Osceola, Wis., currently a resident of San Diego

Educational/personal achievements: Graduating from college, traveling internationally with the USA U-23 rugby team, moving to California from the Midwest, living abroad in Europe and South America, being happily married, and now becoming a Augustana College Viking

Preparation for this new role: At her alma mater, University of Minnesota, Kristy held roles as senior admissions counselor and western U.S. recruitment coordinator.

First impression of Augustana: “I was impressed with how wonderful and genuine the people are on campus. I was greeted with a warm welcome to campus like a long-time friend by staff, faculty, and students.”

What’s the best or worst part of the new career challenges you face in this position? “Students have many options on where to go to college. I have to help grab their attention and turn them toward Augustana. This is more of an opportunity than a challenge.”

What are your early goals? “My goals are to get the Augustana College name and the feel of the campus culture out in the communities on the West Coast. Through alumni involvement, college fairs, high school and individual visits, I hope to connect and engage with students who will make a positive impact on our campus community.”

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